Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan Is A Safeguarding Force For Its People

14 December 2015

By Zabihullah Mujahid

Different tribes and ethnicities of our beloved country that are living alongside each other in an atmosphere of love and benevolence for the past millenniums know that establishment, Jihad and struggles of the Islamic Emirate is for the obtainment of lofty objectives. Those objectives includes independence, freedom of the country, rehabilitation and ensuring the unity and prosperity of the nation under the shadow of Islamic system. Despite spending millions of dollars, the propaganda campaign of invaders and their surrogates against the objectives of the Islamic Emirate during past fourteen years, which was initiated to distort the lofty goals of Islamic Emirate and prolong occupation are now facing disgrace and humiliation, by the grace of Almighty Allah and due to the blessings of the Islamic insight of our nation.

In recent times, the Islamic Emirate has publicly emerged as an active safeguarding force for its people. In our beloved country, people refer to Mujahideen and consider them as a sole channel where cries of the oppressed are heeded. At the time of every appalling incident, people associate their hopes to Mujahideen because the ability to protect common people and their sacrifices in the path of protecting people portrays an image of their endless love with the people and the country which is embedded in the memories of the Afghans. While the enemy has no ability and has failed to wipe these memories by using their propaganda machine.

The recent incident of Zabul could be cited as an example, in which our abducted countrymen were released because of the efforts of the Islamic Emirate and handed over to their families with the help of tribal elders. Islamic Emirate is thankful and shares its heartfelt gratitude in these moments of joy with the families of released countrymen. Furthermore, despite strong desires of the surrogate Kabul Administration to hide reality, they revealed the truth that they have been rescued and released due to the efforts of Mujahideen not the Kabul Administration. As two days before these assertions, the surrogate officials of Kabul Administration claimed that those people were released as a result of their military operation. But our released countrymen have given a crushing blow on their face by exposing the reality and evinced their Afghan loyalty.

These are not the only countrymen who are beneficiaries of the Justice of Islamic Emirate rather such incidents happen on daily basis in which miserable people are rescued. For example, on 16 November 2015, one of our innocent countrymen Rahim Shah was released and six kidnappers captured during Jihadic operations of Mujahideen in Khogyani District of Nangarhar province. Similarly, a day before this incident, a child by the name of Jawaid son of Sayed Ahmed, residence of Isa khel village in Ahmad Abad District of Paktia province was handed over to his family during a ceremony organized in Zurmat district. While embracing the child their relatives were extremely happy and their hearts full of joy and gratitude. These incidents happen at a time that businessmen and personnel of humanitarian assistance organization are kidnapped in broad day light in Kabul under Kabul Administration control areas.

Islamic Emirate considers protection and well being of its people as their Islamic and national responsibility. By the grace and blessing of Almighty Allah, we are ready to extend our help to the people at any time. Discrimination and biased attitude under the name of geography, ethnicity, religion and language is not acceptable in any way. We consider it our responsibility to help all our people and it is an honor for us. 



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