A Tribute to Shah Alam Sahib for his Amazing Paintings

08 December 2015

By Saeed Qureshi

Shah Alam Sahib wears three feathers of laudable achievements in his cap. He is a versatile poet; he is columnist and a diligent artist. Recently he displayed his paintings done in color in the auditorium where the Urdu Ghar Mushaira (poetic presentation) was convened. His paintings were diverse, depicting both the calligraphic finesse and the portrait excellence.

Despite being his friend, I had never seen his marvelous work and spectacular skill at one place. It was duly appreciated by the spectators and the audience who was amazed over the fine and delicate display of a superb hand with Quranic verses and at the same times drawing the musical instruments and wine caskets and flasks. One could say that these collections were manifestations of best of the both worlds: catering for the religious as well as the mundane tastes.

There were quite a few onlookers who were eager to buy those displays but since Shah Sahib does these delicate artistic pursuits to satisfy his inner urge as a born artist, he may think hard to sell such rare pieces at a later stage as all the artists do. But more compelling reason for not giving these away is that in April 2016 he would be holding a bigger exhibition of his works in a famous art gallery in down town Dallas.

We would eagerly look forward to that wonderful occasion when he would be able to display a whole lot of his paintings and artwork for the art lovers to see how amazing his brush is and with what delicacy he draws the finest lines and color combinations that dazzle the people who understand such art as well as the fans who love such artistic masterpieces.

Personally, I wholeheartedly compliment and congratulate Jinab Shah Alam Sahib for his magnificent skill and matchless natural talent as a water and oil colorist. I am confident that the Dallas Desi community would warmly encourage and laud Shah Sahib's unique work by visiting his exhibition in April next year. I also urge Shah Sahib to think of teaching and imparting this skill and expertise to those community members who might be interested in learning this unique art. 



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