Charlie Hebdo: This Attack Was Nothing To Do With Free Speech - It Was About War

10 January 2015

By Ahmed Abdullah

In less than an hour of the dreadful shooting of 12 people at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the politicians had already started to lie to their own public. John Kerry, US Secretary of State, declared that, "freedom of expression is not able to be killed by this kind of act of terror.

"The media lapped it up - the attack was now spun as an attack on ‘Freedom of Speech'. That cherished value that the West holds so dear.

The British Government was so in love with it, that they were passing laws that demanded nursery school teachers spy on Muslim toddlers because they had too much of it. Toddlers were ‘free' to speak their mind as long as it agreed with UK Government policy.

A ‘free speech' machine. It looks for people who do not have enough free speech and then gives them some

Still at least it was not as draconian as Western Governments routine harassment of those they thought spoke a bit too freely. Ask Moazzam Beg, the freed Guantanamo Bay Detainee and human rights campaigner, who was falsely accused of terrorism and imprisoned for months, after flying back from Syria with damning evidence of Britain's complicity in torture in the Muslim world

.Or for that matter the Al-Jazeera journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye incarcerated in Yemen at the behest of the America for reporting the wrong type of facts.

They loved it so much, they kept spying on everyone, tapping their phones and arresting them for not having the right sort of it or worse , as Edward Snowden found out - having the right sort of it.

Basically Muslims were FREE TO AGREE - that great overarching cherished Western principle that Muslims just didn't understand.

Embarrassingly even Charlie Hebdo, the magazine at the centre of the controversy, those ‘champions of free speech', sacked a journalist in 2009 for making anti-Semitic comments. One rule for Muslims and another for themselves.

The hypocrisy of French commentators took this absurd lie to new heights. This year a French rapper will go on trial for ‘insulting the French state'. Did you hear about the global outcry over that? - me neither. Attack the Prophet of the Muslims, OK - but the French state - NO!

Backward Muslims - so intolerant

As usual there was no real depth in any of the analysis in the media. The public were left in shock and anger but without any real answers

The elites narrative was simple, a left-wing magazine, had produced ‘satirical cartoons' about all religions and politicians, some of them about the Prophet of Islam - Only the Muslims took offence (subtext because their backward barbaric religion was alien and intolerant).

The argument sounded reasonable enough… if you lived in a bubble on the land of middle class white guy - sadly Muslims usually didn't have that luxury.


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