Saudi Army Put On High Alert As Iranian Generals Threaten With Retaliatory Attack

31 August 2013

By Ahmed Abdullah

Army of Saudi Arabia is put on high alert against the background of the West's intention to attack Syria, Arab media reported.

The control center of Saudi Land Forces ordered all military units to constantly send reports on the state of their readiness.

Previously, some Western countries as well as Turkey called for intervention in Syria after another aggravation of the situation in the country. Turkish Foreign Minister immediately flew to Riyadh for intensive consultations with the Saudis.

American television channel NBC, quoting official sources, said that an attack on Syria could be occurred as early as Thursday, August 29. Other Western media do not name specific dates, is still limited to speculation that the military operation will be conducted in the coming days.

Analysts predict that the US and its allies will inflict symbolic attacks on Assad's army. In this case, the attack will be swift and brief - within a day or two cruise missiles fired from four US destroyers stationed in the Mediterranean, will strike military, command and infrastructure facilities in Syria.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, with reference to NBC, reported that US President Barack Obama is preparing for a three-day punitive military operation, which may begin in the night from Thursday to Friday.

This event will be a warning to Assad, but will not be continued, observers predict.

This version was confirmed by western leaders who made it clear that there was no aim to overthrow the Assad regime or cripple its war machine. One of the main goals is Washington's attempt to gather at the negotiating table representatives of Assad and rebels, and to direct their efforts to fight the Mujahideen in the country.

Some analysts does not rule out that the strikes of western countries on Syria will be more intense and widespread than expected. The US then recede into the shadows and the troops of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will go in.

It is to be recalled that on Wednesday, Aug. 21, media reported a large-scale use of chemical weapons by Alawites.

The victims of the attack were up to 1.3 thousand people. The US government said it had evidence that it was Assad who used chemical weapons against the civilian population.

Earlier, US president said that the use of chemical weapons would be a "red line" for the regime of Bashar al-Assad. After this warning, Assad repeatedly used chemical warfare agents, but Washington did not respond to these facts.

It is newsworthy that Americans and their allies transfer navy and air force troops to the coast of Syria, it is possible that intervention could start.

Iranian Generals Threaten With Retaliatory Attack On 'Israel'

Meanwhile, IRGC commander Jafari warned that America "will face another Vietnam" in case of an attack on the Assad regime. He said America's new warmongering would lead to the obliteration of "Israel".

As reported by Iranian state PressTV, Jafari's remarks were echoed by the chief of staff of Iran's armed forces, general Firouzabadi, who said any military action against the Assad regime would burn "Israel" in flames.

Iranian media also reported that Iranian president Rouhani and Putin had agreed on the phone to step up efforts to prevent any military action against the Assad regime.

In turn, Communist China' FM Yi said that "the Syrian issue could only be solved in a political way". The head of Communist China's diplomacy stressed that "military intervention from outside fundamentally contradicts basic principles of the UN charter and basic norms of international relations".

Meanwhile, Obama announced that Washington concluded that the Assad regime was behind the chemical weapon attack against civilians in the suburbs of Damascus last week.

According to him, the use of chemical weapons affects American national interests, and a preemptive strike would have a beneficial impact on further developments in Syria.

However, in an interview to an American public broadcaster, the PBS, Obama said he had not yet made a definite decision regarding military intervention in Syria.

Washington's reaction followed after the UN came to a diplomatic impasse.

England insists that permanent members of the UN sec council adopt unanimously a resolution aimed at protecting Syria's civilian population, which de facto implies a military attack.

However, a Syria's ally, Putin's Russia, opposes intervention in Syria, and blocks attempts by the sec council to adopt a joint resolution.

Against this backdrop, America asked the UN to leave Syria as soon as possible. It is reported that UN inspectors should leave Syria on Friday.



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