The Sign Of Satan "Khomeini" Exposed From His Book "Kashaful Asrar"

30 March 2012

By Ahmed Abdullah

We have collected some references from the book of Khomeini "Kashaful Asrar" for the Sunni Muslims who are deceived by the Shias that Khomeini was a person who wanted unity between Shias and Sunnis and similar stuff. Khomeini abused Prophet (s) and his sahaba in his book "Kashaful Asrar" in the worst way possible.

Khomeini writes regarding the third Caliph Uthman:

We worship that God and recognise only Him as God whose acts are based on mature wisdom and who does not do anything against the dictates of wisdom. Nor do we recognise such God who having built the edifice of justice and piety on the exalted foundation of devotion to God, Himself paves the way for its destruction and ruin, and hands over leadership and governance to such oppressors and scoundrels as Yazeed, Mu'awiyah and Uthman.

Kashaful Asrar, p. 107

Than Khomeini titles a chapter "Abu Bakr's opposition to Quran"

Under this heading, Khomeini says: "If you hold that in case the Caliphate and Imamate of Hazrat Ali had been mentioned, in so many words, in the Quran, Shaykhain (i.e Abu Bakr and Umar) could not go against it, and if they tried to do so, the general body of Muslims would not have tolerated it (then it would be pure wishful thinking). We will give a few examples, here, of how they acted and gave decisions in open violation of the dictates of the Quran and the Muslims accepted them and not a voice of protest was raised."

Kashaful Asrar, p. 114-115

Than Khomeini titles the next chapter "Umar's opposition to Quran"

He says " Here we will mention Umar's opposition to Quran and will show that opposition to Quran was not a huge thing for him. And if the word "Imam" had been clearly mentioned in the Quran, he would still have opposed it."

Kashaful Asrar, p. 117

Than after he mentions Hadith-e-Qirtas (Tradition of the Paper), and after referring to the traditional Shi'ite interpretation of the remark made by Hazrat Omar on that occasion, he says:

"this absurd remark showed the kufr (i.e disbelief) and heterodoxy of the person who is opposed to so many verses of the Quran".

Kashaful Asrar, p. 119

The doomed Khomeini says the Prophet (s) was afraid in preaching the Imamate of Ali because of the opposition party, indirectly labelling Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and others as the opposition party, and says they were hungry for the government, rather he says they embraced Islam for this very purpose.

"From these evidences and large number of ahadith, we come to know that the Prophet (s) feared the people regarding the preaching of Imamate (of Ali). And if someone reads the books of history and reports, he will understand that the Prophet's (fear) had a valid reason. But God had ordered him to convey it and He had promised his safety and he (i.e the Prophet) had conveyed it too and he struggled for it till his end, but the opposition party didn't let him accomplish his job."
Kashaful Asrar, p. 130-131

Than while answering to the question that why don't we see the Imamate of the twelve infallibles in the Quran, he says:

"Suppose the name of the Imam i.e., Hazrat Ali had been mentioned in the Quran to succeed the Prophet (peace be upon him), how did it follow that there would have been no dispute in the Ummat over Imamate and Caliphate ? Those who had associated themselves closely with the Prophet's faith, i.e., Islam for years and remained attached to it out of greed for power and yet had been conspiring and sowing discord and factionalism to play their game, would they have bowed before the pronouncement of the Quran and abandoned their plan and objective. Would they not have gone to any length of fraud and subterfuge to attain their aim? Probably, in that event, a dispute of such a dimension would have arisen in the Ummat that the very foundations of Islam would have been destroyed for it was very likely that those who had accepted Islam solely for the sake of coming into power would have openly resiled from it when they saw that they could not gain their end by remaining associated with it, and confronted it as enemies."

Kashaful Asrar, p. 113-114

Khomeini then sums up after putting forth the allegations on the three Caliphs and other Sahaba in the following words:

"The result of our discussion in this regard : We come to know from the examples we have presented that oppostion to the Quran openly amongst the Muslims or secretly was not an extraordinary thing for Shaykhain (Abu Bakr and Umar). The condition of the Muslims at that time was such that they were either included in their party for acquiring government, and if they weren't in their party , still they couldn't dare to say a single word against those who had oppressed Prophet and his daughter."

Kashaful Asrar, p. 119

Perhaps this was the reason that he once declared his companions to be far better than the companions of Prophet (peace be upon him).

After all these proofs, can we still have some respect for this doomed Khomeini? We have unveiled the satan from his very own book, and now the proof has been firmly established that this doomed Khomeini deserves no respect from any sane Muslim. The Shias will still practice taqiyah and defend this doomed person, but this article is only for the Sunni Muslims, who are fooled by the Shias that Khomeini was a flag bearer of unity between Shias and Muslims. Rather he abused the Prophet (s) and the blessed Sahaba in the worst way possible. May Allah punish the doomed Khomeini in his grave and in hell forever.



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