10 Basic Logics To Shield Against Shi'ah: Dispelling The Aqeedah (Creed) Of Shiah

28 Feb 2012

By Ahmed Abdullah

The followings are 10 BASIC LOGICS to dispel the aqeedah (creed) of Shiah. These logics could be put forward as a basis for discussion among the Shiah circles, from the commoner level, to the ulama' level. At least, this logic can be used as an "anti-virus" to counteract the propagandas of the Shiah dai'es who want to misguide the Muslims from the straight path.

If you talk to the Shiah people, or want to invite the Shiah people to repent from error, or are invited to a debate by the Shiah people, or you start to be influenced by the Shiah dai'es; try to present the 10 BASIC LOGICS below. So we can prove that their teachings are astray and cannot be followed.

LOGIC 1: "The Prophet and Ahlul Bait"

Ask the Shiah: "Do you love and praise the Prophet's Ahlul Bait?" He will surely answer : "Yes! In fact loving the Ahlul Bait is the particular of our aqeedah." And then ask again: "Is it true that you truly love the Prophet's Ahlul Bait?" He would surely say: "Yes, by Allah!"

Then say to him: "The Ahlul Bait are the family members of the Prophet. If the Shiah claim to be deeply loving the Prophet's Ahlul Bait, they should be loving the personage of the Prophet more? Isn't the personage of Prophet Muhammad Sallallah ‘Alaihi Wasallam more important that his Ahlul Bait? Why do the Shiah often involve the name of Ahlul Bait, and then forget about the Prophet?"

The fact is, the teachings of Shiah are very much dominated by the words which they claimed are sourced from Fathimah, Ali, Hasan, Husein, and their descendants. If the Shiah truly love the Ahlul Bait, they should be prioritizing the Prophet's Sunnah more, not the sunnah from the Ahlul Bait of the Prophet. The Shiahs glorify the Ahlul Bait because they have a close relationship with the Prophet. This reality, if depicted, would be like: "Preferring the skin of the Rambutan (a kind of delicious tropical fruit – ed.) rather than the flesh of the fruit."

LOGIC 2: "The Ahlul Bait and Prophet's Wives"

Ask the Shiah: "Who are the people that belong to the Prophet's Ahlul Bait?" Soon he would answer: "The Prophet's Ahlul Bait are Fathimah, Ali, Hasan, Husein and their offsprings." Then, ask again: "How about the wives of the Prophet such as Khadijah, Saudah, Aishah, Hafshah, Zainab, Ummu Salamah and others? They belong to the Ahlul Bait or not?" He would present a daleel that the Prophet's Ahlul Bait are only Fathimah, Ali, Hasan, Husein and their offsprings.

Then ask that person: "How can you include the Prophet's nephew (Ali) as a part of the Ahlul Bait, while the wives of the Prophet are not considered as Ahlul Bait? How can the grandchildren of Ali, who never saw the Messenger of Allah, be included in the Ahlul Bait, while the wives who used to sleep in the same bed as the Prophet are not considered as Ahlul Bait? How could Fathimah be born into the world if not through the wife of the Prophet, namely Khadijah Radhiyallahu ‘Anha? How could Hasan and Husein be born into the world if not through the wife of Ali, namely Fathimah? Without the existence of this righteous woman, there will be none that's called the Ahlul Bait of the Prophet."

The fact is, in Surah Al-Ahzab verse 33 it is mentioned: "Innama yuridullahu li yudzhiba ‘ankumul rijsa ahlal baiti wa yuthah-hirakum that-hira." (Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household [Ahlul Bait], and to purify you with [extensive] purification). In this verse the Prophet's wives are included in the category of the Ahlul Bait, according to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. In fact, during their lives, they received the title of Ummul Mu'mineen (the mothers of the Believers) Radhiyallahu ‘Anhunna.

LOGIC 3: "Islam and The Sahabahs"

Ask the Shiah: "Do you have Islam as your religion?" They would answer with full confidence: "Of course, we are the people of Islam. We are Muslim." Then ask him again: "How did Islam reach you, that results in you becoming Muslim?" Then that person will explain about the genealogy of the da'wah of Islam. Starting from Rasulullah, and then his Sahabahs, and then continued by the Tabi'een and Tabi'ut Tabi'een, and then continued by the Salafus Solih Ulama's, and then spread by the dai'es to all over the world, until it reaches our hands in Indonesia.

And then ask him: "If you believe in the genealogy of the da'wah of Islam, why do you hate the Shahabahs so much, curse them, or insult them vilely? Aren't you claiming to be Muslim, whereas Islam was revealed to us through the hands of the Sahabahs. It is impossible for us to be Muslim without the roles of the Sahabahs. When such is the case, why do the people of Shiah like to revile, curse and lambast at the Sahabahs with abusive languages?"

The fact is, the Shiah are very puzzling. They insult the Sahabahs Radhiyallahu ‘Anhum very heinously. But on the other hand, they still claim to be Muslim. If they indeed hate the Sahabahs, they should not be using the label "Muslim". An adage that should always be remembered: "There is no Islam without the roles of the Sahabahs!"

LOGIC 4: "About The Shiah Imams"

Ask the Shiah: "Do you believe in the existence of imams in religion?" He will surely answer: "Yes! In fact, the imamah is one of the pillars of our faith." And then ask again: "Whoever are the imams whom you believe to be the role models in religion?" Then they will mention the names of the 12 Shiah imams. Some will mention 7 names of imams (the version of Ja'fariyyah).

And then ask that Shiah: "Why, out of the 12 Shiah imams, the names of Imam Hanafi, Imam Maliki, Imam Syafi'i, and Imam Hanbali, are not listed? Why are the names of those four imams not included in the series of 12 Shiah imams? Do the people of Shiah doubt the knowledge of those madzhab imams? Are the knowledge and taqwa of the madzhab imams not worth the 12 Shiah imams?"

The fact is, the Shiahs do not acknowledge the four madzhab imams as parts of their imams. The Shiahs have their own genealogy of the imamah. Renowned with the term, "the 12 Imams" or Imamah Itsna Ashari. This is a big proof that the Shiah are not the Ahlus Sunnah. All Ahlus Sunnah on earth already agreed about the imamah of those four Imams. The experts in knowledge are already mafhum (agreeing), if it is said "Al-Imam Al-Arba'ah", it means the four madzhab imams rahimahumullah.

LOGIC 5: "Allah and Shiah Imams"

Ask the Shiah: "Who do you obey more, Allah Ta'ala or the Shiah imams?" He will definitely answer: "Obviously we are obedient to Allah." And then ask again: "Why are you more obedient to Allah?" Perhaps he will answer: "Allah is our God, also the God of our imams. So it is just appropriate that we serve Allah who have created our imams."

And then ask that person: "Why, in the life of the Shiahs, in the kitab (books) of the Shiah, in the teachings of the Shiah; why do you cite the views of the imams more often than the views of Allah (from Al-Qur'an)? Why do the Shiahs rarely cite daleels from the Kitab of Allah? Why are the Shiah giving more emphasis on the words of the Imams more than the Qur'an?"

The fact is, the nature of the Shiah ideology is closer to shirk, because they are prioritizing the opinions of the humans (Shiah imams) more than the verses of Allah. Whereas in Surah An-Nisaa' verse 59 it is mentioned: "If you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger." That's the Islamic attitude, not preferring the opinions of the imams over the words of Allah.

LOGIG 6: "Ali and The Post Of Khalifah"

Ask the Shiah: "In your opinion, who is more entitled to inherit the position of Khalifah after Rasulullah's death?" He will surely answer: "Ali bin Abi Thalib is more entitled to become Khalifah." And then ask again: "Why not Abu Bakar, Umar, and Utsman?" Chances are, he will answer again: "According to the riwaayah on the event of Ghadir Khum, Rasulullah said that Ali is the legitimate heir to the Khilafah."

Then say to the Shiah: "If indeed Ali bin Abi Thalib is the most entitled for the position of Khalifah, why during his life he had never denied the leadership of Khalifah Abu Bakar, Khalifah Umar and Khalifah Utsman? Why had he never built up forces to seize the position of Khalifah? Why, after already becoming a Khalifah, Ali had never blasphemed against Khalifah Abu Bakar, Umar and Ustman, whereas he has power? If denying the position of Khalifah is a truth, Ali bin Abi Thalib would surely have been the first man to do so."

The fact is, the personage of Husein bin Ali Radhiyallahu ‘Anhuma dared to deny the leadership of the Umayyad Dynasty at the time of Yazid bin Muawiyyah, resulting in the occurrence of the Karbala Incident. If the son of Ali dared to struggle for what he believed was right, of course Ali Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu would have been more brave to do it.

LOGIC 7: "Ali and Husein"

Ask the Shiah: "According to you, who is more important, Ali or Husein?" He will answer: "Of course Ali bin Abi Thalib is more important. Ali is the father of Husein, he became Muslim first, was involved in many battles in the time of the Prophets, had also become a Khalifah who led the Muslims." Or it's possible that, there is an opinion amongst the Shiahs which believes that the position of Ali is the same as the status of Husein.

And then ask him: "If Ali is indeed considered more noble, why do the Shiah make a special remembrance specifically to commemorate the death of Husein on the Day of Ashura every 10th Muharram? Why don't they make a more grand remembrance to commemorate the death of Ali bin Abi Thalib? Didn't Ali get martyred (shaheed) too at the hands of the vile humans? In fact, he even died while assuming the role of a Khalifah."

The fact is, the Day of Ashura is already like the "'Eidul Fitri" for the Shiahs. It is to commemorates the death of Husein bin Ali. If the Shiahs are consistent, they should be commemorating the death Ali bin Abi Thalib Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu even more intensely .

LOGIC 8: "Shiah and Women"

Ask the Shiah: "Is in the teachings of Shiah, it is taught to honour women?" He will answer without a doubt: "Of course. We are taught to honour women, respect them and not abuse their rights?" So as again: "Is it true that the teachings of Shiah give an honourable position for Muslimahs?" He will surely reaffirmed it.

And then say to the Shiah: "If the Shiahs honour women, why do they make halal (legitimize) the nikah mut'ah (temporary marriage)? Isn't the nikah mut'ah very abusive to the rights of women? In the nikah mut'ah, a woman is only seen as a mere sex satisfier. She is not given the rights of a nafqah (alimony) well. She has no right to inherit the property of the husband. In fact, if the woman is pregnant, she could not dispute her husband if the bond of the contract has ended. The position of women in the teachings of Shiah is worse than the position of farm animals. Pregnant farm animals are maintained well by the farmer. Whereas, pregnant Shiah women, after the nikah mut'ah, are told to bear the risk alone."

The fact is, the Shiahs do not give an honourable position to women at all. This is in contrast with the teachings of Sunni. In countries like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, etc. the practice of nikah mut'ah is rampant, in place of the free sex and prostitution. Whereas, the essence is the same, i.e. being slaves to sex, oppressing women and spreading the doors of abominations. All these are done in the name of religion. Na'udzubillah wa na'udzubillah min dzalik.

LOGIC 9: "Shiah and Politics"

Ask the Shiah: "In your view, which is more important, religion or politics?" He will surely say: "Religion is more important. Politics is only a part of religion." So ask again: "What if politics eventually dominate the religious teachings?" Maybe he will answer: "Cant' be. Religion must dominate politics, not politics dominating religion."

Then say to the Shiah: "If your words are true, then why, in the teachings of Shiah, they never, in the slightest break away from the issues of Ali's right to Caliphate, the tragedy that befell Husein in Karbala and the absolute hatred against Muawiyyah and his descendants? Why are those things very dominating the mind of the Shiahs, exceeding the importance of the affairs of aqeedah, ibaadah, fiqh, mu'amalah, akhlaq, tazkiyatun nafs, 'ilm, etc. which are the essences of the teachings of religion? Why do the teachings of Shiah make the issue of political grudges as the main menu of their aqeedah, exceeding the belief on the Attributes of Allah?"

The fact is, the teachings is Shiah is the naked example of when religion is being pilfered by political thinkings. In fact the substance of its politics is focused on the the attitude of absolute loathing against a certain party regarded as stealing the rights of the Shiah imams. In this case, the aqeedah of Shiah is very similar to the concept of "Holocaust" developed by the International Zionism in the framework of fighting against the Nazis down to its roots (though anti-Nazi, but amazingly there are aspects of similarity in their thinkings).

LOGIC 10. "Shiah and Sunni"

Ask the Shiah: "Why are the Shiah very hostile towards the Sunni? Why are the hatred of the Shiahs against the Sunnis, exceeding their hatred against the Kuffar (non-Muslim)?" He will surely answer: "No, no. We are brothers with the Sunnis. We love them in the framework of Ukhuwwah Islamiyyah. We are all brothers, because we equally perform Solat facing the qiblat in Makkah. We are equally Ahlul Qiblat."

Then say to him: "If the Shiahs truly want ukhuwwah, want to be brothers, want to unite with the Sunnis; why do they attack the role model personages of the Ahlus Sunnah, such as Khalifah Abu Bakar, Khalifah Umar, Khalifah Utsman, the Prophet's wives (especially Aishah and Hafshah), Abu Hurairah, Zubair, Thalhah and others? Despising, cursing, insulting or condemning those figures is just the same as feuding against the Sunnis. There could never be ukhuwwah or peace between Sunni and Shiah before the Shiahs stop reviling the Sahabahs of the Prophet, being the role models the Sunnis."

The facts that needs to be mentioned is that, a lot of killings, tortures, expulsions, oppressions and injustices occurred in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. This is a strong proof that the Shiahs are very hostile towards the Sunnis. The Muslim children from Palestine who seeked refuge in Iraq also did not escape the killings by the Shiahs. It was also this that made Sheikh Qaradhawi changed his mind about the Shiah. If in the beginning he was being soft, in the end he admitted that the differences between the Sunnis and Shiahs are hard to reconcile. In the course of history, we found other evidence, that the Shiahs are never involved in the war against the Kuffar countries. Instead, they often collaborated with the Kuffar states in the framework of confronting the Muslims. The destruction of the Khilafah Abbasiyyah in Baghdad, the hostile attitude of the Safawid dynasty in Egypt, the era of the Crusade in the time of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi, as well as the Khilafah Utsmani of Turkey, on top of thise are recorded the facts of the Shiah treason against the Muslims. Similarly, the fall of Afghanistan and Iraq into the hands of the Allied forces in the modern era, is not free from the services of the Shiah elements from Iran.

Thus are the 10 BASIC LOGICS that we can use to dispel the Shiah understandings. Insha Allah this writing can be used to practically protect ourselves, families and the Islamic ummah from the propagandas of the Shiahs. Amin Allahumma amin.

If there is some truth in it, it is the sheer grace of Allah Azza Wa Jalla. If there is error, khilaf and shortcoming, that is from my own self. Wal ‘afwu minkum katsira, wastaghfirullaha li wa lakum, wa li sa'iril Muslimin. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘alamiin, wallahu a'lam bissawaab.* [end]

By: A.M Waskito, author of the book "Being Fair To Wahabi (transl.)"


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