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08 January 2011

By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

The world has transformed in the last three decades. These transformations have had far reaching consequences to the development or underdevelopment of the world. There is no doubt, the  20th century was eventful, with the collapsed of the almighty Soviet Union, defeat of the Arab states by Israel, the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Iran/Iraq war, the desert storm war against Saddam and the disintegration of the Yugoslavia and the genocide in Bosnia etc. These historical episodes seriously shaped the destiny of the next century; with attending political and military wars and rebellions. However, the consolidation of two powerful countries in the Persian Gulf ignited the next line of conflicts between two distinctive antagonistic blocs (Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran).

There is no doubt, the Persian Gulf hold the destiny of the world. This is a region that account to about 62.5% of global oil supply, with Iran as second largest producer after Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While the State of Israel is serving as the policeman of region for the security of oil supply to Europe and America; the Islamic republic of Iran, is reawakening the Islamic consciousness and renaissances of the Islamic countries against the humiliation they are suffering from the insensitivity of the state of Israel and her Western allies against their righteous religion.  It may be recalled that, the state of Israel, defeated her Arab neighbours, thereby consolidating her hegemony at the heart of Arab land. Unfortunately, the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran under the guardianship of Imam Khomeini, crushes the triumph of whatever victory of the Israel power in the gulf; thereby setting the stage for the next battle for political and territorial influence in the whole of the Arab land and the Muslim world at large.

There is no doubt, that today, Iran and Israel are two countries at each other throats; while Israel enjoy the support of her Western Allies; the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a lone ranger in its attempt to asserts it sovereignty and Islamic believes, as championed by the teachings and guardianship of Imam Khomeini. Imam Khomeini in order to give full support to the Palestinian people declared every last Friday of Ramadan as an international Quds day; to demonstrate and show love to the people of Palestine; against the brutality and insensitivity of the state of Israel. International Quds day, according to Imam Khomeini "is a day when the fate of the oppressed nations must be determined. Oppressed nations should make their presence known to the oppressors, just like Iran rose up and defeated and will defeat. All nations should rise up and throw these gems of corruption in the garbage. It is a day of confrontation for nations that have been under the tyranny of the American government and other oppressors. It is a day when the oppressed should become equipped against the oppressors and they should rub their noises in the dirt. It's a day when committed individuals are preferred over the hypocrites".

 Since this declaration by the leader of the Islamic revolution; the Palestinian/Israeli conflicts, became a major source of conflict between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the state of Israel. While the Israeli in her attempts to assert her security and hegemony, continue to killed, maimed and destroyed the properties of the Palestinians with impunity without global repagination; the Islamic Republic of Iran continue to remind the world about the injustice taking place in Palestine and the need for serious actions against cruelty and genocide taking place in Palestine. The fact, still remain that, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not had any diplomatic correspondence with the state of Israel since the triumph of the Islamic revolution.

The cat and mouse trading between these two gladiators is seriously threatening the peaceful co-existence of the world inhabitants; especially with Iran's conquest for nuclear weapon; although Tehran has denied it; that, there nuclear energy is for the generation of electricity. But, the question, why the outcry about Iran's nuclear energy; when the state of Israel has possess same weapon and had the tendency of using it? I think it will be fair enough, if the global community will force the state of Israel also to disarm her nuclear arsenal. The world is at the pinnacle of injustice, inequality, wars, oppression, underdevelopment, dependency exploitation, and confusion. This is as result of the desire of man or nations to dominate and annihilate their fellow men or nations; in order to improve their own standard of living. The world is a jungle, where the big and the powerful enslave and invade countries of their choice and harness their resources and inhabitants to their advantage. There is cry of injustice everywhere; the global bodies (United Nations Organization) look helpless, unable to provide the much needed answers and solutions to mankind. The world today is facing challenges of unequal proportions. Man or nations are desirable need of redeemers and saviours to salvage their hopelessness and confusion. The lives of mankind are in what Thomas Hobbes describes in his State of Nature as; "solitary, nasty, brutish, and short".

However, based on the prevailing realities; who is the real threat to global peace and security Iran or Israel. I think it is important to look into history and decide who more of threat to global peace and security is. As mentioned early, there is no love between the state of Israel and Islamic Republic of Iran; all in an attempt to assert their authority on global stage. This general displeasure between these nations lies in their character and contribution to global issues. While the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to be referred in the global media as state sponsored of terrors; the state of Israel signifies genocidal and insensitivity to the flight and call of the global community against the brutality melting out to the  people of Palestine. The activity of Israel against the good spirited people of Palestine; is what is giving birth to a lot of rebellion and terrorist cells across the Muslim worlds. The cruelty, and inhuman treatment melted out to the people of Palestine has created passion for hatred among Muslims against the State of Israel. There is no doubt, the genocide and wars against the defenseless people of Palestine; has created bad blood among the Muslims and the Islamic Republic of Iran seems to be the only voice that has been calling for the uprooting of the cancerous virus (Israel) from the Persian gulf. This call is what has been targeted as a threat to the state of Israel that, the whole world, is at the forefront to protect, from possible extinction.

The activities of the state of Israel has created more panic to global peace and security; than any state sponsored activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran including its support for the Hezbollah fighters and Hamas in Gaza. There is no doubt, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been a know supporter of these groups; just like the United State of America has been a full supporter of the State of Israel with Billions of dollars in cash and weapons. But, the most important fact is that, the impact of brutality and killing of helpless and defenseless people of Palestine by the state of Israel is beyond reason and human justice. The state of Israel has become callous in her attempt to assert her authority; thereby endangering the world peace and security. It is pertinent, to say, that, the brutality, killing, maiming and destructions of the Palestinian people, has created the insurgency of highly sophisticated groups, championing the course of the Palestinian. The groups either legally or illegally are using the distress and impunity going on Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen to recruit people into force that will fight global injustice and impunity; even though there activities is assisting the state of Israel to gain recognitions and sympathy. I have not see the Islamic Republic of Iran, assist the growth of terrorists cells across the global; except support to the real liberation fighter in southern Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza; which everyone will agree that, they are real liberation movement, from their pedigrees.

On the issues of nuclear weapon; I fear Israel having nuclear weapon than the Islamic republic of Iran. This is because; the tendency for usage amidst pressure is 100% more with Israel than the Islamic Republic of Iran. I know the Islamic Republic of Iran is run on the basis of Islamic sharaih from the Shia ideological point of view; and based on that, ideology; I know it will be near impossible to use such dangerous weapons to kill God creatures. Historically, this can be conferred in an episode that occured during the Iran/Iraq war, when Saddam Hussein was supply weapon with toxic chemical weapons by the Western powers, to used against the Iranian fighters, which seriously killed millions of people; the Iranian army General came to Imam Khomeini seeking for approval to used chemical weapon too; which the Imam disapprove; because according to him, the tendency of the weapon to affects animals and plants is there; therefore making  un-Islamic; because, the animals and plants, have not contributed to the crisis, why killing them. But, it has been on record, that, the state of Israel had used various chemical weapons against the innocents' people of Palestine and Lebanon in her wars, confrontations and invasions; according to Gorson reports 2010. So, therefore, a nuclear arsenal Israel is of great danger to the global peace and security.

Also, the general insensitivity of the State of Israel about global condemnations of her heinous act of barbarism and genocide; raise a serious concern, of the ability of  world and her institutions to bring a small country like Israel to justice. The cruelty in which the Israel deal with the humanitarian organization from Turkey, on their way to Gaza to supply food, medicine and building materials to the helpless people of Gaza; shown how irrational the state of Israel is to global appeal to end the siege in Gaza. The flotilla killing, just shown to all that, Israel is ready to crush any force no matter how forceful; in order to assert her authority in the Persian gulf. So, I don't know how Islamic Republic of Iran becomes a threat to global peace and security. I think the Islamic Republic of Iran is only been realistic to the vagaries of the global uncertainty about her existence as a truly independent, sovereign and Islamic country within the Persian Gulf with abundant oil and gas resources, the envy of the world.

Finally, it is important, the world recognize that the Islamic Republic of Iran has already become a regional power; which have to exist side by side with the State of Israel. The Islamic Republic of Iran, has return to her position as the police man of the Persian Gulf; it could be recalled during the time of the spoilt child of imperialism; Mohammed Shah Pahlavi, Iran was given the power to police the Persian Gulf by the United State of America. But, I think today, the Islamic Republic without permission from anybody; has return to her statutory role of policing the Persian Gulf region. Israel and Europe must understand that, the Islamic Republic of Iran is of no danger to the peaceful co-existence of the world; if there is any threat to world peace and security is the brutality, killing, maiming and destructions by the state of Israel against the defenseless people of Palestine and Southern Lebanon. Refusal to cocktail Israeli excesses; will not only destroy the peaceful co-existence of the world inhabitants, but, could be the triggering fire for a third World War; if the Muslims reawaken their consciousness and unity. The time to call Israel to order is now.


Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega -- African Study Initiatives for leadership training and discipline Abuja. 0707176838



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