Ethnic Cleansing: Israel's "Magical Solution" For Palestinian Demographic Growth

27 November 2015

By Khalid Amayreh

When Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is challenged by some liberal or quasi-leftist Zionist parties over Palestinian demographic growth and the "danger" of Palestinians becoming a numerical majority of the population between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean, the Israeli premier, without patting an eyelash, tells his critics "don't worry about this, we will overcome this problem."

In fact, Palestinians already are a majority in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel proper. Israeli leaders, who meticulously (and visibly hysterically) are watching the population indicators, know deep in their hearts what it means for Zionism to have a non-Jewish majority and a Jewish minority in mandatory Palestine.

Indeed, a lethal combination of systematic repression, ethnic cleansing and economic suffocation has failed to force significant numbers of Palestinians to leave their homeland for good.

Many Zionist leaders have been alluding to apartheid as a practical solution to maintain Zionist hegemony over the native Palestinians.

However, the more level-headed Zionist intellectual elites argue that apartheid couldn't be sustained forever, saying that if racial discrimination proved expedient for a few months or years, it would sooner or later explode in Israel's face, with grave consequences for Israel and Jews.

But Zionist leaders are utterly unlikely to let the Palestinians win the demographic battle-and sustain this advantage. This is why it is only a matter of a few years before Zionist leaders begin adopting draconian measures to neutralize the Palestinian demographic advantage lest this advantage become a perpetual feature in the historical conflict.

Some Israeli policy planners had thought that the creation of a limited Palestinian entity would resolve the conflict and allow Israel to cast off the Palestinian burden at a minimal price, e.g. a small state-let, without Jerusalem, without the repatriation of the refugees and without giving up the settlements.

However, the unbridled expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, along with the scandalous inability of the international community, especially Israel's guardian ally, the US, to rein in Israeli intransigence, has effectively resulted in the de facto death of the two-state solution.

This in turn has created a real dilemma for Israel whereby the Jewish state would have to either accept the establishment of a unitary state between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean, a state in which at least half the population is un-Jewish, or resort to a myriad of precarious tentative "solutions."

Liberal Zionists, who try to speak logically even humanly to foreign media outlets, while harboring a decidedly racist agenda against non-Jews, argue rather deceitfully that it is still possible to establish a viable Palestinian state.

However, anyone with an honest brain and living conscience knows too well that the opposite is true.

Unlike Zionist liberal, who feel they have to accommodate American and European concerns over racism and ethnic cleansing, the settler camp, which more or less controls the Netanyahu government, doesn't hide their doomsday aspirations vis--vis the Palestinians, including forced or induced immigration, de facto enslavement (water carriers and wood hewers), expulsion, or genocidal ethnic cleansing.

There is compelling evidence showing that Netanyahu embraces these nightmarish aspirations. His statements about "the Land of Israel" and the "exclusive Jewish state" should leave no doubt as to his commitment to Jewish fascism and supremacy.

Netanyahu and settler allies would prefer to carry out a "Quiet" and "peaceful" transfer of Palestinians outside their ancestral homeland. But since expelling millions of Palestinians can't be implemented without carrying out some genocidal episodes, Netanyahu and his strategists must be deliberating the "best ways to do the Job" with minimal noise.

These are not far-fetched scenarios that can never occur.

Israel would simply never permit the Palestinian to obtain by way of demographic growth what they couldn't win in the battle field.

To enforce this view, one could point to the fact that the Israeli Jewish society is constantly drifting to the right, which precludes any possibility that a peace-minded government would be elected in the near or intermediate future.

Palestinian choices

The Palestinians don't really have many choices save patience and steadfastness.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and other national factions should continue to enlist the peoples and governments of the world to pressure Israel.

However, we must never allow ourselves to fall into the trap of counting on the international community to save or rescue us from the clutches of Zionism.

We have seen how the world community is ganging up on Syrian people struggling to free Syria from a Nazi-like sectarian regime that has murdered and maimed hundreds of thousands while forcing more than 15 million Syrian citizens out of their homes, all in order to extend its lifespan a few more years.

Hence, we have to watch our steps very carefully and refrain from playing into Israel's hands or giving the evil entity a pretext to demonize our people, our cause and our struggle.

Remember, Israel is striving, even dying, to lump us in one category with ISIS and other extremist groups.

We must never allow Israel to succeed.

Khalid Amayreh is a veteran Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in the West Bank.  



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