Earthquakes In Afghanistan, Pakistan, India – وَمَا نُرْسِلُ بِالْآيَاتِ إِلَّا تَخْوِيفًا

19 November 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

A powerful earthquake struck multiple points throughout the country yesterday, the aftershocks of which were felt in Pakistan and even as far as India, killing and wounding hundreds and causing heavy financial losses in its wake. According to reports around 50 people have lost their lives in this tragic incident and more than 200 others have been injured, may Allah forgive the killed, heal the injured and bestow immense patience on their heirs. The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate will not hold back from lending help to all those affected by the earthquake, Allah willing.

May the All-Capable and Transcendent Lord Almighty safeguard all his believing servants from all worldly and heavenly torments and may Almighty Allah enable us to take heed from such events.

Estimates indicate that over the past century between thirteen to fourteen hundred thousand people have lost their lives due to earthquakes throughout the planet.

The reality is that even today many analysts and so-called experts will be analyzing such worldly and heavenly afflictions within the capacity of their own minds, searching for its causes and reasons but will be unconsciously look over its root cause, meaning that such sudden or expected worldly and heavenly afflictions are a warning from Allah Almighty for His slaves due to their disobedience. When clear misguidance appears in the actions of slaves then Allah Almighty warns them as admonishment (وَ مَا نُرْسِلُ بِالْآيَاتِ إِلَّا تَخْوِيفًا ) ''And We sent not the signs except to warn, and to make them afraid (of destruction).'' and inflicts them with punishment they thought about not. And when the punishment of Allah descends that it does not distinguish between the pious and evil, young and old, male and female rather it affects everyone however this should be taken as punishment for the infidel but a lesson and admonition for the believer.

Deviation and departure from the straight path is either due to committing forbidden acts; like how the large number our countrymen especially city dwellers are perpetrating grave sins due to the encouragement of the infidels and their cronies, or is due to forsaking obligatory acts of worship; like they individual obligatory duty of Jihad. The number of warnings which have been told about due to the abandonment of Jihad cannot be found for many other acts.

Unfortunately many of our Muslim brothers are knee-deep in both such offences and all of us are witnesses to them. How much immorality is being committed openly and how many have abandoned Jihad and other obligatory religious duties? rather how many have even come to deny this obligation, and we seek refuge in Allah. If today Jihad has not become an individual obligation upon every person in our country then when it become obligatory…?

Anyhow earthquakes and other afflictions are great trials from Allah Almighty. It is the duty of every believer to repent to Allah Almighty from their mistakes and to hold firmly onto His sacred religion. Everyone must abandon sins which have been forbidden by the Lord Almighty and must begin implementing every action which has been ordered by Him so that it becomes a cause for our salvation in this world and the next. 


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