Children Enjoy Learning With Mujahideen While "Israel" Occupation in Palestine Changes Gazan Childhood Image

29 April 2015

By Adiba Hassan

Jabhah Mujahideen Anshar ad Deen (JAD) and Harakat Sham Al-Islam conduct educational services to children in the Syrian Al-Zakih Rural camp. JAD official media reported on Sunday (12/04/2015).

That is one form of Mujahideen responsibility towards society in order to fulfill their rights for study.

The participants are girls and boys from the refugee camp of Al-Zakih Rural. Although the children were studying in the camps, they seem to enjoy learning together with the Mujahideen which utilizes audio-visual technology as a learning medium. Alhamdulillah.

How "Israel" occupation in Palestina changed Gazan childhood image

No one can avoid the impact of colonization. Including Gaza boy who was born, grew up in occupied Palestine by Zionist ''Israel'' since 1948.

If we count for each fifty years, the Gaza boy in this photo is the third generation of the oppressed Palestinian nation. There is ''something'' talks behind the published photos by SNA, on Friday (10/04/2015).

We can look behind the image that, the identity of the Gaza boy has shifted. He transformed from innocent boy into a heroic person, which depicted from his military suit. Although he was here just to play a role as ''Mujahideen'' Brigade Izzuddin Al-Qossam, but it is not just a piece of uniform clothes attached on the body of a boy.

Gaza boy, is unlike small children in general. In the viewpoint of a trio of western children's education theorists such as Allison James, Chris Jenks, and Alan Prout (1998), this kid has a special value. This photo captures a warrior soul in the body of a inexperienced child.

''Israel'' colonization makes this little kid imitating how should he struggle. From there he learned to fight. Zionist abomination ''forced him'' how to have a strong heart, and smile triumphantly behind the Palestinians hero uniform, Izzuddin Al-Qossam Brigade.

This Gaza boy was not alone. The ''hard'' daily basics, which filled with the Zionist intimidation, help nourish the seeds of a new Palestinian Mujahideen.

''Israel'' could have been kidnapped and held other Palestinian children every day, but the more intensive the Zionist curb, more and more new fighters emerged early on from the womb of Palestinian women. Allahu Akbar!

Is this generation that Allah loves them and they love Allah, that being gentle to people who believer, who tough against the unbelievers, who strive in the way of Allah, and who do not fear the reproach of people who like to denounce?

Wallahua'lam bish-showwab. 



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