Senator John McCain: ''Russia Is A Gas Station Run By Mafia''

03 June 2014

By Markaz Kavkaz

A Polish newspaper, Gazeta Prawna, reported on the speech of US Senator John McKenna in Breslau. In an article "McCain: Russia is a gas station run by mafia (McCain: Rosja to mafijna stacja benzynowa)" newspaper writes:

"Russia is a gas station run by mafia that is masquerading as a country", thus the American Sen. John McCain spoke about Russia of Vladimir Putin.

A former Republican candidate for the US presidency and one of the most respected politicians in America, was one of the guests in Breslau, the capital of Lower Silesia, where the Global Forum on World Politics and Economics was held.

John McCain spoke very sharply about the status of the Russian state in Breslau.

McCain said that Putin is running the country which is in fact Mafia masquerading as a country. Russia's future is fatal because of its demographics, alcoholism, environment and kleptocracy- that is all the basis on which the state stands. And the last thing the Russians want is democracy in neighboring Ukraine.

The Republican senator said in Breslau that the Obama administration underestimated Putin. He noted that the policy of thaw, the Americans tried to apply in relations with Russia, was a failure.

"I think that the approach to Putin was naive, and the reset policy was a mistake. Putin, a former KGB major, is interested and wants to restore the old Russian empire", he said.

Senator John McCain said he was pessimistic about the chances for a quick solution of the Russian-Ukrainian War.

Meanwhile, a Warsaw news magazine, Wprost, reported on an interview of Senator John McCain on Polish TV. In a story "McCain about Putin: In his eyes I see three letters - KGB (McCain o Putinie: W jego oczach widze trzy litery - KGB)", the portal writes:

- I assumed that after the removal of Yanukovych, Putin would come to Crimea, because his vision of the Russian empire leads to it, Republican Senator John McCain said in an interview to the channel TVN24 in the program "Biznes i Swiat (Business and the World)".

According to the senator, it is obvious that Putin would like to see further destabilization of eastern Ukraine.

- I think many of us in the Senate see it as a major problem since the Second World War, he admitted. - Naturally, Putin constantly creates problems in eastern Ukraine. The main problem is that he still continues these (subversive) activities. This is Odessa or even Moldova and Transnistria, he added.

He acknowledged it is difficult to predict the next steps of the Kremlin.

- I think it depends on his calculations. I predicted that after the removal of Yanukovych, he comes to Crimea, because his vision of the Russian empire needs to do it, he said.

Senator noted that so far, Putin suffered no real punishment.

- These were just mere threats by declaring further action from Germany, France or the US, if something new happened, said John McCain.

- But he's an old-school KGB apparatchik. I see in his eyes three letters: KGB. So if we treat Putin the way we do now, we ought to remember that he understands only power, said the American senator.

- And the best way to avoid conflict and confrontation is to remember the words of Reagan, who adhered to the doctrine of "peace through power", added the senator.



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