God Wouldn't Be Just If He Didn't Send Sharon Straight To Hell

15 January 2014

By Khalid Amayreh

As a firm believer in divine justice, I have no doubt that Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli Prime Minister, who perished three days ago following a long comma that lasted for eight years, will now find his way straight to hell.

Many people are likely to scoff at this language and view it with ridicule and derision. However, I believe that in the absence of divine justice in this world and especially after death, life becomes quite futile and meaningless.

Indeed, if Adolph Hitler were to have equality in death with Mother Teresa and Ariel Sharon with Jesus Christ-then life is pointless. Pure and simple.

It is unlikely that evil men, and Sharon was undoubtedly an evil man by every standard of imagination, believe in a hereafter or Day of Judgment when all men stand before their Maker for accountability and judgment.

But disbelief in the hereafter and in divine justice doesn't mean that there will be no hereafter and no divine justice.

Sharon was a Jew. But his deeds ever since he was a young man starkly contradicted the Ten Commandments and every other conceivable moral code of Prophetic Judaism.

Judaism taught "thou shall not murder," but murder was obviously Sharon's modus operandi and way of life. Judaism taught that man shouldn't oppress his fellow man, but Sharon was par excellence a criminal oppressor all his life.

Judaism commands its followers to be just and righteous and refrain from doing evil, but Sharon utterly disregarded all these virtues. He sold his soul to the devil at an early age and never repented. He basked in his evil, remorseless and undisturbed, without the slightest compunction or feeling of guilt.

There is no doubt that Sharon was a son of perdition. The wicked man had to "live" eight long years in suspension-between life and death.

Doctors call this "vegetative stage." It is defined as a clinical condition in which there is complete absence of awareness of the self and the environment. However, it is likely that the eight years were a period of perdition, punishment and damnation. This was probably a foretaste of what was awaiting him.

Sharon will now meet his Maker, overburdened with so much nefariousness and murderousness. The crimes he committed in his long life will haunt him in the depth of hell.

Cheap sycophancy

It is really sad that some world leaders, even some Nobel Prize recipients, have heaped praise on the wicked criminal. Well, this is no less that an expression of moral bankruptcy, lack of rectitude and cheapness of character.

But people such as Shimon Peres, the hero of the Qana massacre of 1996, and Tony Blair, the co-author of the war on Iraq (the other author is George W. Bush) are actually no less criminal than Sharon. Hence, it is only natural that they praised him, as if the perished criminal was a paragon of virtue, justice and truth. Their moral repugnance cries out to the seventh heaven.

Very much the same thing can be said about U.S. Vice-President Joseph Biden and his boss at the White House Barack Obama, who throw words of hypocrisy and sycophancy right and left, with little or no regard to truth and honesty.

In the final analysis, birds of feather flock together. I have no doubt that Sharon will be joined in the depth of hell at the proper moment by the equally evil criminals they are now heaping praise on him.

There they will also find Hitler, Joseph Stalin and numerous other murderers and criminals throughout human history.

God is holy and He can't be holy without being absolutely just. But a just God wouldn't be just if he didn't consign people like Sharon to hell.

Khalid Amayreh is an American-educated journalist living in the Hebron region of the West Bank.



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