Assad Must Be Eliminated, Not Just Hurt: Threats Against Israel Mere Lies

06 September 2013

By Khalid Amayreh

By now, there seem to be clear and compelling evidence indicting the manifestly evil regime of Bashar El-Assad for the 21 August chemical attack near Damascus which killed hundreds of men and women and children.

The unethical but Machiavellian regime has been concocting lies and fabricating fictional stories for the purpose of diluting the international resolve vis-a-vis the horrendous crime against humanity it has committed against the people of Syria .

However, as chances of a Western or primarily American strike on the forces of Assad become increasingly realistic, the diabolical regime must be hoping the attack will be limited in scope and the damage it will cause.

However, a limited military response against Assad's forces would be dangerous and counterproductive. Dangerous because it would allow Assad to claim victory and carry out deadlier vengeful attacks on Syrian civilians, which could claim thousands or even tens of thousands of new victims.

Indeed, the "chemical massacre" in the eastern Ghouta ten days ago could eventually be proven a relatively benign incident in comparison to the would-be expected genocidal killings in the aftermath of a "limited" western strike on Assad's forces, especially since the element of surprise for such an attack has been completely removed.

And counterproductive because a weak or indecisive response will effectively strengthen and embolden the regime as it would interpret a weak response as a message that the regime could pursue its murderous agenda unopposed and that the international community is too reluctant and lacking in resolve over the ongoing Syrian genocide.

The truth of the matter is that the Assad regime is too nefarious and too criminal to be given a "second chance."

The regime is actually very much like a deadly venomous, cunning snake. It is too dangerous to leave it alive.

A second chance in this case might very well mean additional tens of thousands of women and children exterminated in towns, hamlets and villages across Syria." It is too irresponsible and too dangerous to think that the regime has learned the lesson the world community thinks it must learn.

Needless to say, a strike that fails to teach Assad and his cohorts an unforgettable if not final lesson would be very much like no response at all.

Indeed, giving Bashar el-Assad a second chance is very much like granting a second chance to Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin or Pol Pot.

Threats against Israel mere lies

Threats by the Syrian regime's mouthpieces and media to attack Israel in retaliation for any possible western strikes shouldn't really be taken seriously.

The regime is simply too cowardly and too fearful for its life and survival to risk attacking Israel.

The regime has proven repeatedly that it is too cowardly to attack or even hit back at Israel in retaliation for Zionist attacks and provocations.

The regime proved itself quite a "fierce lion" only when murdering and tormenting its own people. However, history has proved ad nauseam that it is merely a meek rabbit when it comes to Israel. The regime simply fears that attacking Israel might quicken its hour of death. Keeping the Alawite sect in power, not defending Syria and its honor, is the Assad regime's ultimate strategy.

Hence, the claim by the regime that the entire region would be set on fire in case a western attack materialized should be dismissed as a sort of empty rhetorical overindulgence by a frustrated regime that is approaching its hour of demise or death.

I think most Arabs, including this writer, are strongly against the imposition by the West of unelected regimes on our people, whether in Cairo or Damascus or anywhere.

However, we believe that the international community has an absolute moral obligation to prevent genocidal regimes, such as that of Mr. Assad, from pursuing their genocidal agenda.

Such intervention shouldn't be subject to international law since failing to intervene (in compliance with international law) would mean the annihilation of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

The moral law of preventing genocide or large-scale massacres, must always override any other laws or considerations.

Preventing genocide, not observing international law, is paramount. Indeed, an international law that fails to prevent or stop a given tyrant from exterminating his own or other people, as in the Syrian case, is not really worth observing.

Khalid Amayreh is an American-educated journalist based in the occupied Palestinian territories.



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