World Inaction Encourages Assad To Be More Genocidal

30 August 2013

By Khalid Amayreh

There is no doubt that the manifestly feckless world reactions to the "chemical massacre" on the outskirts of Damascus this week will not auger well for the future. This is to put it extremely mildly.

Assad, the nefarious Syrian tyrant, must be quite satisfied with the clear Western, especially American, reluctance to act against his regime despite the latest obscenity.

His rationale sounds like this: If the West and the rest of the international community allow the regime to murder 150,000 Syrians by way of conventional weapons, it wouldn't actively intervene in case the regime managed to exterminate a few thousands or tens of thousands of Syrians, even using chemical weapons.

Assad is carefully watching the direction of the political winds in Washington and European capitals.

He must have been dazzled by the weak American-European reactions vis-à-vis the recent bloody coup in Egypt and subsequent pornographic killings of so many innocent Egyptians at the hands of the Sisi gang.

Hence, he must be feeling quite secure, even immune, and quite free to go to further extents to annihilate as many Syrians as it takes to keep his family and sect in power for a few more years.

There are many serious observers who think that Assad is justified in harboring such sickening hair-raising feelings and in adopting these macabre calculations.

The Obama administration is treating the chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus, which killed more than 1500 Syrian civilians, mostly women and children, and injured several thousands, with utter flaccidity.

Yes, there have been some condemnatory statements from Western capitals. But inaction remains the prevalent reality.

In fact, the Obama administration is trying to consider every conceivable doubt and "extenuating circumstances" to give Assad the benefit of the doubt. This is really despicable beyond the pale.

In fact, this effectively amounts to encouraging the criminal regime to go on and on and on, totally unconcerned about any actual or potential consequences of his genocidal onslaught against his people.

Moreover, the apparently criminal stand of Assad's allies, including Russia, Iran, the Iraqi government and the Lebanese militia, Hizbullah, will make Assad more confident than ever that he will eventually be able to get away with impunity.

More to the point, the shockingly pathetic reaction to the massacre by many Arab and Muslim states, which ranged from utter silence to tacit acceptance of the Assad regime's narrative about the massacre, must be music to Assad's ears.

In the final analysis, this will make the murderer of Damascus conclude that he could exterminate as many Syrians as it takes to keep his evil regime in power without worrying about any serious consequences.

The existing international order is simply too unethical and too immoral to allow for a meaningful protection for helpless civilians against the genocidal urges of hateful dictators such as Bashar El-Assad.

This is why Assad is likely to emerge somewhat "victorious" in this crisis as the West-led international community is nearly completely paralyzed to take pro-active measures to check his madness, especially in the foreseeable future.

That is really lamentable and scandalous since it sends an unmistakable message to the victims and potential victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing everywhere…that you only have two choices…either die quietly or die noisily…because the world community is going to let you down regardless of what happens to you.

Khalid Amayreh is an American-educated journalist based in the occupied Palestinian territories.


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