Jordanians Demand To Impose Sharia And Restore Caliphate

01 May 2011

By Markaz Kavkaz

A Zio research agency, Memri, which monitors the activity of Islamic movements, reports that demonstrations, calling for the revival of the Caliphate and the implementation of the Sharia law, became more frequent in Jordan. One such demonstration was held on Friday in front of the mosque Ibrid.

The demonstrators demanded to implement the Sharia laws in the country, to revive the Caliphate, to release Muslim prisoners and to liberate the Holy Sites of Islam.

The demonstrators chanted: "We want the Islamic Caliphate", "Neither East nor West - Just Islamic Unity", "Victory or Death", "The true Caliphate will soon return, Allah willing".

One of the organizers of the rally, speaking to the demonstrators, said: "We demand the release of Muslims, imprisoned for ordering the approved and forbidding the censured".

He called on the police and security forces not to oppose the protesters, reminding them of the bitter fate of their Egyptian counterparts, who are now incarcerated or "hiding like rats".

Speaking at the demonstration, Sheikh Jarrah Al-Rahahla denounced Nationalism, saying:

"I am Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi, Hijazi, Afghani and Chechen. I am a Muslim, wherever I am. These tribal and national affiliations mean nothing to us, they [indicate only] one's family and place of birth. But the real, solid and strong affiliation is the religious [bond] that unites [us all], Persian and Arab, Palestinian and Jordanian, Syrian and [resident of the] Gulf, [based on our] devotion to Allah and His will".

The imam of Ibrid mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khatib, addressed to the Jordanian authorities:

"[Even] if you survive the political storm [rising] out of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, the storm of military jihad is [rising] out from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen. It will undoubtedly pass through Jordan, unless you fix the situation and implement the Allah's law".

Sources in Jordan reported that after the demonstration, security forces detained Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khatib for several hours, during which he was beaten and tortured.

Another Islamic leader, Dr. Sa'd Al-Hunaiti, said that the Muslims would fight against "Israel" and its agents in Jordan and establish the Sharia.

Memri said that flags of al-Qaeda (in fact, Islamic flags) had been raised during the demonstration.



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