To Our People in Libya: Then Fight In God's Cause - By Sheikh / Abu Yahya al-Libi

05 May 2011

By Ahmed Abdullah

{Then fight in God's cause - Thou art held responsible only for thyself - and rouse the believers. It may be that God will restrain the fury of the Unbelievers; for God is the strongest in might and in punishment.}

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Praise Allah, and prayer and peace upon the messenger of Allah and on his family and companions and followers.

To the Islamic Umma; peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you,

All perfect things have their flaws,
So no man should boast his affluence,
Life is unpredictable as you can see,
One day you are happy, and other days you are not,
And this home is no guaranteed shelter for anyone,
And nothing of value remains intact…

Therefore, it is proven to be true about the haughty tyrant regimes that wage war against the religion and drive away its people. These are the regimes, whose thrones began to collapse, one at a time.

The saying of the exalted Allah is true, {But when they forgot the warning they had received, We opened to them the gates of all (good) things, until, in the midst of their enjoyment of Our gifts, on a sudden, We called them to account, when lo! they were plunged in despair Of the wrong-doers the last remnant was cut off. Praise be to God, the Cherisher of the worlds.}

For too long, these regimes have been showing off their stability, glorying in their power, strengthening their grip and dressing up their tyranny in colorful titles, arrogance, superiority and approbation. They have extended their dominion to all parts of the countries. They have assumed that they have control of it. The tongues of each one of them call out to the people on every occasion, {O my people! Does not the dominion of Egypt belong to me, (witness) these streams flowing underneath my (palace)? What! see ye not then?}

By their black tyranny, unveiled oppression and by their dividing their Muslim peoples into factions and parties, they seek to weaken, humiliate and manipulate however they please. With a brazen face of rudeness, they claim that they brought about its prosperity, gave them their freedom, their glory and their honor and that if it weren't for them, those peoples would be in complete lowliness, humiliation and unenviable backwardness.

Pharaoh, their forbearer in tyranny and their guide in insanity, said, {"I but point out to you that which I see (myself); Nor do I guide you but to the Path of Right!"}

However, the obfuscation, deceit and deception – no matter how long and how perfectly spun – are not able to rise above the facts or fully erase them and cause them to completely go away. These regimes have an enormous media and are surrounded with the dregs of the clergy who lavish them with praise day and night and cause their gloomy face shine in order to dazzle the onlookers. Yet the command of Allah, when it comes down and settles, cannot be avoided or disregarded. He has fierce power and not empty falsehoods, {But when (once) God willeth a people's punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.}

This is what it was.

Now, where are those who have been taught to take a lesson? Where are those who have been warned to take warning? Where are those who look on in the days of Allah to be kept back and suppressed? {Do they not travel through the land, so that their hearts (and minds) may thus learn wisdom and their ears may thus learn to hear? Truly it is not their eyes that are blind, but their hearts which are in their breasts.}

The spark and it its point of departure came from green Tunisia where that uncivilized fierce regime was more atrocious in bold hostility against the Creator and in reckless disregard for the creature than one can imagine. They wouldn't let them breathe and deprived them of the least of their rights. They devised the most debased means of afflicting them. This regime is still ruffling its feathers, acting superior, feeling stability and elation even while it is in its debauchery and drunkenness. (The Sovereign Lord is dictating to it and luring it.)

It has depended upon the hypocritical crusader countries, which are helping it in its transgression and giving it all kinds of praise and commendation. They consider it a dazzling miracle of economic growth while completely ignoring the slogans that have been raised and its principles, which they alleged were founded in its democracy. Behold the downtrodden oppressed people that have risen up in an uprising that will by no means quit. It has had enough toil. It has tasted all kinds of oppression, maltreatment, cruelty and manipulation to spoil its religion and its world. It no longer has anything to fear or to bargain about. The tyrant's situation has been overturned in one night. His many options have run out. His crowds, authority, prominent personalities, riches and wealth are of no use to him. Rather they have repudiated his sovereignty and the protection of his favor. The mangy dog has been banished. {[T]hus do they behave.}

He has no refuge anywhere on earth except from his Saudi tyrant associates in treason and villainy. They don't rend their hearts or show their humanity unless it is for tyrants like themselves. These Saudis have for too long chased away Allah's supporters and persecuted them with fatwas from perverse and licentious people on the pretext that, "May whoever harbors and upstart receive the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people. Neither righteousness nor payment will be accepted from him on the day of judgment." Here is the greatest tyrant of tyrants of whom the Muslim and infidel worlds agree regarding his criminality, abominations and shameful acts. Your guardians have given him refuge, protected him and received him. Will you now be broken with the word of truth to your faces, just as you have given good people headaches by currying their favor and manipulating their texts to please them?

At any rate, the trial of this downtrodden oppressed people is a pattern for the rest of the peoples, whose situation does not differ from them, except for the names of those in dominion over them. The browbeaten people of Egypt have stood as a people, shaking the earth from East to West. They have stood to the face of the Pharaoh of this era, Hosni Mubarak. He has committed various types of crimes, with which he has torn this good people from limb to limb. The way he treated them is like what brought the judgment of the praiseworthy Allah upon his predecessor, who ruled Egypt: {Truly Pharaoh elated himself in the land and broke up its people into sections, depressing a small group among them: their sons he slew, but he kept alive their females: for he was indeed a maker of mischief.}

e filled the prisons. He persecuted and killed the best people. He fought the religion. He took an unambiguous open stand with the enemies of the Umma, including the Jews and Americans. He made Egypt fair game to them from which its goods poured into them, and they poured into it to corrupt it. This poor people toils night and day to produce a morsel, with which to get some strength and to barely eke out an existence. The tyrant has no sympathy for the weak, no mercy for the poor, no regard for the needy and no sorrow for the destitute. Rather, he has increased the hunger of his people by making his neighbor hungry. He blockaded Gaza and closed the gates to its people from above and beneath the earth. All this was seeking to please the Jews and protect their criminal existence.

When things came to a head, the knife cut to the bone and Allah willed to execute His command that cannot be resisted, the people stood up like the mighty lion with mutual support and aid to remove the oppression and obtain some of the plundered liberty with patience, long suffering, steadfastness and resolve.

The countries of the West, especially the United States, are perplexed and disturbed as they see their loyal puppet and their thuggish servant losing his ascendance and his dominion being dissipated. He did not continue in the face of the people's steadfastness, sacrifice, resolve and challenge. He fell as his predecessor fell and was thrown onto the trash heap of history.

And with Pharaoh, lord of stakes? (All) these transgressed beyond bounds in the lands, And heaped therein mischief (on mischief). Therefore did thy Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements: For thy Lord is (as a Guardian) on a watch-tower.}

After this, came the turn of the greatest liar of this era, who defamed the noble prophet, prayer and peace of Allah be upon him. He fell between the jaws of the grinder with Tunisia to the West and Egypt to the East. This has come after the people of Libya have tasted all types of torture, displacement and slavery at his hand for more than 42 years, which scarcely has seen with any people on the earth. He has made them a field for testing his rotten ideas, his putrid fabrications, his frivolous policies and his graceless foolish opinions.

If Allah had decreed that this maniac tyrant were to continue safely empowered until he dies in his bed without the people rising up against him, it would have been a disgrace from one generation to the next until the end of time, but Allah granted salvation. All is well that ends well.

There is no end to his folly, and his experiments never cease. Nothing stops his stupidity, and his oppressions pile up one upon the other. Moreover, one day doesn't pass without him becoming more insolent and more tyrannical.

He put his sons in charge of overseeing the people and the country's wealth. He has spread corruption. They have put forth their hands to use it as if it were their own and the people were their slaves. They don't question what they are doing. They incite their criminal gangs to wreck havoc in the land. They are arresting, killing, burglarizing, plundering, afflicting and terrorizing without any accountability or oversight. Therefore, the Libyan people have stood up in the face of oppression, tyranny, humiliation and disgrace to follow the example of their heroic neighbors and revive the memory of their brave ancestors.

Shauqy's observation is true, which he said in the eulogy of the Sheikh of martyrs Omar Almukhtar:

They have affixed your ashes in the dirt as a banner, Awakening the valley every day and night, Woe unto them for erecting a beacon of blood… As an inspiration of hate to the generation of tomorrow, This black regime began to tumble and join its brothers in oppression. Yet, it is trying to cling to the worn out vestiges of power with all its might and with its molars sunk into it. No way. No way, since the time has come to settle the account. The idol of fear that it was sown in the hearts of the people for decades has been smashed. It must stand before the solid rock of opposition, bravery and sacrifice. This people have registered their stances on the battlefields of Benghazi, Beida, Darnah, Ajdabia, Tripoli, Mistratah, Alzawiya and other cities, which have paid no attention to the threat, took no notice of the intimidation, gave no heed to the entreaty and neither did that pay attention to the nonsense.

Their arrows were guided to uproot your regime, which has dishonored the country. It has disgraced the country. You, your sons, your companions, your mercenaries and your book are being thrown on to the filthiest trash heap of history since the saying of the exalted Allah has become true of you, {Leave Me alone, (to deal) with the (creature) whom I created (bare and) alone! - To whom I granted resources in abundance, And sons to be by his side!- To whom I made (life) smooth and comfortable! Yet is he greedy-that I should add (yet more);- By no means! For to Our Signs he has been refractory!}

Moamar, you have spent these forty years in evil. You have had resources in abundance. Your sons have been at your side. Your rule has been smooth, and you added nothing to it but tremendous arrogance. Today, you are calling, and dominion has been decisively removed from you. {"Of no profit to me has been my wealth! My power has perished from me!"...}

So woe be to you. Woe be to you. Get out. No one will regret your departure.

{How many were the gardens and springs they left behind, And corn-fields and noble buildings, And wealth (and conveniences of life), wherein they had taken such delight! Thus (was their end)! And We made other people inherit (those things)! And neither heaven nor earth shed a tear over them: nor were they given a respite (again).}

Oh oppressed people with their faithful tribes, follow your course trusting in your God, defining your target, renewing your covenant, aiming for your objective, without hesitation and without timidity. Throw Qadhafi into the pit of suffering. If you retreat or give up for more decades, it will be more severe, troublesome, hard and oppressive than what you have seen and suffered.

There is no middle of the road solution. Death occurs once. Great schemes are the measure of resolute and gallant men.

If you follow your honorable desires…Do not be tempted by anything other than the stars, The taste of death in a trivial cause,Is the same as that of a great cause.

Now this invitation is to whoever are left of true Libyan scholars, its honest preachers, sincere intellectuals and zealous youth to harvest the best fruit from this revolution. After all this violence, toil, sacrifice and patience, don't let it fall in to the hand of these frivolous puppets, who only know their own interests. They only follow their own desires. They only desire to follow their own lusts. Another crazy person will climb over your dismembered bodies, exploit your blood and reap your efforts. He will make you taste the worst suffering. Therefore, take your weapons in yours hands, gather them and stockpile as much as you can. Be careful, and be more careful to not waste them or give them up. Don't view having the weapons as a detestable crime. Wallah, the tyrants did not afflict their people until after they took their weapons away from them, perfected the domestication of them and made them like sheep, whom they pick and slaughter without any defense or opposition. Why would you that think the weapons are more secure in the hands of Qhadafi and his gang? Are they better than you in the use of them? Are they more careful about the lives of people? Who is the one to allow you to have or forbid you from having them?

Let these weapons help you achieve the truth, obtain justice for the oppressed and prohibit vice. Refrain from using these weapons in spilling protected blood, taking an inviolable life, destroying people's homes, shops or their finances. Neither should they be used for ignorant tribal or racial fighting. The prophet, pray and peace of Allah be upon him, said that your blood, finances, honor are untouchable. Yes, this is the way rights are restored, oppression is removed, tyranny is suppressed and the despots are rooted out. For Allah has a decree for everything. Therefore, the universe has ordinances, and whoever follows them will arrive; whoever deviates from them, will be disappointed and fail.

There is no glory without a cost. There is no honor without sacrifice. The coward will not succeed, no matter how long his spear is or how sharp his sword is, if he doesn't have a courageous heart in his breast and neither has a proud soul.

When you put a luminous heart, and a sword, With obstinate haughtiness, injustice will spare you. And those that seek forbidden glory with the sword, Will live in glory or will be taken by death.

What Allah said is true, {Verily never will God change the condition of a people until they change it themselves.}

We have learned that these regimes rule over the necks of people, strengthened with the force of iron and fire, and depend on its soldiers and force to bring about its desires and policies. It is impossible for these to give up on that and step down from their dominion, except by a force that can repel them and sacrifices that challenge them without begging and subservience. Otherwise, the cost of remaining under them will be multiplied many fold of what it will take to bring them and change them. The matter is in Allah's hand from the beginning to the end.

The Praiseworthy One said, {Say: "O God. Lord of Power (And Rule), Thou givest power to whom Thou pleasest, and Thou strippest off power from whom Thou pleasest: Thou enduest with honour whom Thou pleasest, and Thou bringest low whom Thou pleasest: In Thy hand is all good. Verily, over all things Thou hast power.}

Let our Muslim people, who have lived through all kinds of coercion, oppression, degradation and fear, know that their true happiness, prosperity and pure freedom come from a true and serious return to the law of the God of the people – that is the just law, the law that does good, the merciful law, the glorious law, the upright law and the sincere law.

{We have sent down to thee the Book explaining all things, a Guide, a Mercy, and Glad Tidings to Muslims. God commands justice, the doing of good, and liberality to kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion: He instructs you, that ye may receive admonition.}

Indeed all of humankind, however they have sought to obtain their comfort in other things, they will only find misery, trials, desolation, hardship, embitterment and oppression even if there is a level of disparity between an oppressor and a more oppressive one, between a tyrant and a more tyrannical one, between an embittered person and a more embittered person because evil is evil no matter how much the level of disparity.

The exalted One said, {Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has Faith, verily, to him will We give a new Life, a life that is good and pure and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions.}

And the Praiseworthy One said, {[W]hosoever follows My Guidance, will not lose his way, nor fall into misery. "But whosoever turns away from My Message, verily for him is a life narrowed down, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment."}

Therefore, bringing down these corrupt regimes is not the end of the true change of course that we must strive for. It is one step along the way and one of many efforts for us all to reach the goal, which every true Muslim aspires to. That is that the word of Allah would be supreme, that justice would be spread, that security would prevail, that rights would be protected, and that the honor of man would be preserved. This will not happen without the law of Islam, and everything else is {like a mirage in sandy deserts, which the man parched with thirst mistakes for water; until when he comes up to it, he finds it to be nothing:}

The person standing in the middle of the road will never arrive. The preachers, Mujahedeen and Islamic groups should not be overtaken in a flood of enthusiasm, thereby forgetting their first objective and their goal, which will not be relinquished. They should not be ashamed of making it public or propagating it. They must exert efforts to reach it and to turn what has been realized today into fuel to help continue on the path without fatigue, boredom or fear and with no retreat or deviation.

The greatest thing these successive uprisings have accomplished is destroying the barrier of fear, terror and trepidation, with which these autocratic regimes have ruled the people and made them feel that they are all around them – behind them, to their right and to their left – watching them breathe, monitoring their movements and listening to their conversations.

After they have been victimizing their peoples and using them as an experimental field for their pleasures, they now stand on the defense – a weak, beggarly defense. This means that the people have learned the means of change and completely understand that the time of fear has gone. The regimes are weak in the face of the will of their peoples if they unite and make a challenge.

Tenacity must be met with tenacity. The only defense against resolve is greater resolve. Therefore, a similar picture is etched in the mind of every tyrant of his predecessors, who were stronger and more solid than himself. He, therefore, knows that his rule is the pawn of a serious uprising, which could send him towards the same fate and make him join their thugs.

These peoples (who have made all these sacrifices with the accumulation of disappearances and fright, which the tyrants have practiced against them with their methods, antics, institutions and agencies) never hold back from doing what they are able to do to elevate the word of truth if a way to do so appears to them, the facts are clear to them and they are convinced of the correctness of their path. There is still a lot of good hidden in their hearts and flowing through their instincts. Though they had been weak at a point in time, yet they didn't die. Rather, they still maintained their strength, solidarity, courage and boldness. Accepting injustice is not in their character.

Therefore, the Mujahedeen have been earnest for a long time to stir up the Umma, arouse its secrets, call it to Jihad and awaken it to the duty conferred upon it against these tyrants to oust them and surround them. The Mujahedeen who are sacrificing themselves today on all the battle fields to meet death are only a part of this Umma. They have gone out from its womb. They have defended its honor. They have stood up and advanced to remove all types of oppression from it. They have risen up to help their weak.

The saying of the exalted Allah has moved them, {And why should ye not fight in the cause of God and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?- Men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help!"}

Therefore, every invitation or idea that is designed to create a rift between the Islamic Umma and its sons the Mujahedeen is a failed and unsuccessful invitation and a rejected and discarded idea. We never doubt, and we don't claim that which is not given. Some of the greatest reasons for destroying the barrier of fear in the hearts of the rebellious people, who made tolerating the difficulties and sacrifices look easy are the stances of their citizens, their rare heroics and their extraordinary standing up in the face of the tyrant of this age – America, the source of terrorism and the spring of destruction so that even its dignity (thanks to the blessing of Allah on the Mujahedeen) has become chaff, driven by the wind. This fact requires us to know that Jihad for the sake of Allah is the way to save the Umma, and pump life-giving blood through its veins, to build castles of glory for it, to vanquish the forebodings of fear that had settled in the hearts and to bring it up in courage, boldness and defiance as well as to save it from the slough of domestication that is desired for it.

Allah the most high said, {O ye who believe! give your response to God and His Apostle, when He calleth you to that which will give you life;}

So let our Muslim Umma take an honorable stand side by side with your staunch sons, who are defending your religion, your honor, your land and your holy places by supporting, helping, backing and strengthening them. Their strength is your strength. Their victory is your victory. Their deaths will spare you from dying.

These uprisings have shown that the infidel governments of the West only know their own interests and the interests of their people. They don't utter a word, unless they see that they are in danger. If they do talk, it amounts to shame, procrastination, distortion and hollow empty statements. So when they see that the winds of change have blown and that their lackeys have departed, they ride its waves and they say to these people who have been oppressed through decades of crime; "We were with you."

For example: When the demonstrations broke out in the Shiite state, it didn't take long for that evil old woman - the U.S. secretary of state - to talk, criticize and denounce even though only two people were killed. Obama called on the people of Iran to be brave as if a fierce massacre had occurred and its heroes fought on the battlefields. Meanwhile, Qadhafi's groups are taking thousands of lives with their artillery, aircraft and automatic weapons in carnage, witnessed by the entire world. The tyrant and his son went out warning and threatening. In spite of that, their statements throughout the days of the massacre have not gone beyond a request for self control, for avoiding violence and for resorting to dialogue. This is only out of greed for Libyan oil, which their people have enjoyed, and its owners have been deprived of it for more than forty years.

This is like what happened in Egypt with their staggering, blundering and turbulent statements until they were sure that the regime was falling without a doubt. Only then, did they pour out a flood of support for the people and congratulate them on their victory and for obtaining their freedom, which has been withheld from them by their loyal puppet.

We say this in order for our Muslim peoples to know that they will not achieve the freedom and dignity they want and the prosperity they seek unless they realize their own self-strength, stop their subordination to the disingenuous West and become free of self-defeat in the face of it. This will never happen as long as they are ruled by those who are infatuated with the civilization of the West, fond of its policies and dazzled by its deception.

The Western governments, which act as if they are crying about you and they care for your interests, are those who enabled these tyrants, who made you taste the torment for all these decades and imposed upon them to steal your fortune and plunder your wealth in order to fill their safes. They enjoy the bread of their people, and all you get from this are only the crumbs, which they believe are too much for you. They are the ones, who supported and support the criminal Jewish entity that tortures your Palestinian brothers. Isn't America, the one who supported the regime of Hosni Mubarak, the Pharaoh of Egypt? So why are they singing the praises of freedom of the Egyptian people?

Are not America and the governments of the West, those who supported and support the regime of despotic Ali Abdullah Saleh? Are not America and France the ones who stood in absolute support for the tyrant regime of Zain al-Abedin, who deprived his people of the least of their rights? How is it now congratulating the people for gaining their freedom? Who plundered it or enabled the one who plundered it? How many despotic, tyrannical, oppressive and repressive regimes are there on the earth today? Who supports them, helps them and highhandedly deals with their peoples? Are they not these hypocritical and two-faced countries, who have a double standard?

Therefore, if we have been serious about obtaining our rights and living in true honor without any whitewash, then we need to be rid of the decades of feeling inferior, which the West implanted in our psyches so that many thought that there was no glory, honor, freedom or prosperity without imitating them, walking behind their horsemen and without being the tail for their wretched caravan.

The exalted Allah said, {If any do seek for glory and power,- to God belong all glory and power.}

We ask Allah to confirm a righteous command for the Islamic Umma, through which He strengthens the obedient people and weakens the disobedient people, and by which virtue will be promoted and vice will be prohibited.

We also ask the Praiseworthy One to have mercy on the dead, heal the wounded, treat the sick and unshackle the prisoners.

Allah's prayer upon the prophet Muhammad, and his wrath be on the disgraceful tyrant Moamar.

The prayer of Allah be upon our master Mohamed and on his family. Praise be to Allah first and foremost.


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