Emir Supyan: 17 Years In Jihad - Brazilian Soccer Player Rai Condemned Russian Occupation

05 April 2011

By Markaz Kavkaz

A confirmation of the martyrdom (Insha'Allah) of Emir Supyan (Supyan Abdullayev), one of the most experienced commanders of the Mujahideen of the Caucasus, a mentor of young Muslims, a teacher and educator of the Mujahideen, the closest companion of Emir Dokka Abu Usman, has come.

Supyan went to the Jihad on November 26, 1994, the day when Russian armored columns of Kantemirov and Taman divisions first entered Grozny (Jokhar) under a banner of so-called "opposition forces".

His first fighting Supyan had near the House of the Press and the military camp of a newly formed Islamic military Jamaat which has become the Islamic Battalion that day.  

There were hundreds of such fightings since then, including the bloody battles for Grozny in 1994-1995-1996-1999.

An audacious assault on the positions of Russian troops in a sewing factory, and their defeat in the first days of the battle for Grozny by a small, hastily formed detachment of volunteers from village boys, whom Supyan brought with him, showed him as a talented commander, instructor and organizer.  

Then there were many other battles, injuries, death of relatives and brother-in-arms, the hardest days of ordeals and defeats, joy of victories and bitterness of losses. He was always calm, thoughtful, smiling and kind, but stern and resolute towards the enemy. 

Being an experienced teacher, scout and commander, Supyan trained hundreds of young Mujahideen in warfare, Islam and Jihad.

The last 17 years of his life - November 26, 1994 to March 28, 2011 - Supyan spent in the Jihad. He was one of those men who never ask for help, but always ready come to help, never complain, but always ready to share the woes and sorrows of the others. And they never, never give up...!

He was a dada (father) as the Mujahideen in Chechnya and Ingushetia respectfully called him.

The enemies cursed him as a Wahhab. They cursed him using one of the greatest names of the Almighty - Al-Wahhab (meaning The Bestower), thereby attesting with their own words that Supyan was really a true servant of Allah, Who bestows the martyrs the highest place in Paradise - Jannatul Firdaus, Insha'Allah!  

It is impossible to make the time of parting more distant or close. The pen was picked up and the ink dried. And it happens only what the Lord of the Worlds wishes. I feel sadness in my heart of and tears the eyes while parting with the beloved brother, but we will say only what Allah be pleased with - wa inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un - we all belong to Allah and to Him shall we return!  

Movladi Udugov 

Brazilian soccer player Rai condemned bloody Russian occupation regime under satrap Kadyrov 

Meanwhile, as reported by the most popular Brazilian newspaper Folha, the Brazilian soccer player Rai, one of the best known players in Brazil, has stated for the Brazilian media on Wednesday, March 23, at his personal webpage (the title of the text: "Chechenia, o dia em que eu me trai - Chechnya, the day that I betrayed myself") that he "deeply regret of playing in Chechnya" and that only now he is aware that "he has done one of the things he most condemns, that is taking a part in a populist, scandalously political event, in a unknown context, without knowing the potential consequences and intentions".

He wasn't aware of the Human Rights problems faced by the Chechens under Kadyrov regime and if he knew, he "wouldn´t have taken part in the game".

He said the Brazilian players were asked by the organizers to play "lightly" against the host team.

He also said that he is very ashamed of being involved with this game and that he was very naive and careless in not researching more about the Chechen regime before embarking to Jokhar (Grozny) for the game on March 8th. He was impressed how Jokhar have empty streets and how it is tightenly watched by the military forces.

He also stated that he'll follow closely the political events between Russia- Chechnya from now on.


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