Obama's Regime Shifts Responsibility For Mass Murders Of Libyan Children And Woman To NATO

23 March 2011

By Markaz Kavkaz

The leadership of the Obama's war against Libya will be transferred in the coming days to NATO because Obama fears personal responsibility before a Tribunal for his war crimes. The specific role of this bloody international terrorist group remains a subject of debate, according to German media outlets.

The shifting of responsibility to NATO was decided by the U.S. dictator Obama, his French crony Sarkozy, and British crony Cameron, the news agency DPA reports on March 23.

Paris and Washington have agreed on "terms of using NATO structures to support the coalition forces", reported the French government. The Cameron' regime also reported that Cameron and Obama agreed on the transfer to NATO the leading role in their Zio-Christian crusade against Libya.  

"We believe NATO has certain command-and-control capabilities that are indeed very useful", a Clinton's spokesman Toner said in Washington. According to him, the specific role of the NATO terrorist group in the crusade remains controversial.

Obama is sure that Washington in the coming days will be able to transfer leadership of the crusade to the north atlantic alliance. The war criminal Clinton has also said about the coming change in the command of the crusade in Libya. "Whether it's by Saturday or not depends on the evaluation made by our military commanders along with our allies and partners", added the Zio.

Meanwhile, amid hostilities on the ground and in the air, the information warfare is also increasing. The Western propaganda machine is using the whole power of their resources.  

So according to the Obama's regime, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is supposedly checking possibilities to leave his country forever. "We've heard about people close to him reaching out to people that they know around the world", Clinton lied, speaking on March 22 to the American television channel ABC.  

According to the criminal the inner circle of Col. Gaddafi is, apparently, on his behalf, "probing the ground". And if he is looking for options to run from the country, Washington ​​"supports" this idea, added the Zio in her idiotic wishful thinking.

Nevertheless, Western sources acknowledge that the American-Libyan war could protract. That was reported by the Cameron's regime, thereby again confirming that the crusaders do not have an ultimate strategy, at present. This unexpected statement, coming from prominent political figures of the country, sounded against a background of sharp disagreements among the members of a so-called "coalition" on the issue of leadership.  

Fears that Britain with the other crusade countries may be permanently engaged in a "confusing situation" in the sensitive region of the Middle East were first expressed by the parliamentarians - representatives of the ruling conservative party (tories). These concerns are not dispelled, but only confirmed by the Cameron's regime, wrote on Wednesday The Daily Mail.

So, the British war minister Harvey, when asked how long could the crusade in Libya last, said: "How long is a piece of string? We don't know how long this is going to go on". He added: "We don't know if this is going to result in a stalemate. We don't know if Libyan capabilities are going to be degraded quickly. Ask me again in a week".  

The British ´foreign minister, Hague, also made it clear that it was impossible to put a deadline. "It's too early to speculate. It depends on what happens one way or another. I don't think you can put a deadline or a time for that". Hague stressed that his country will participate in the crusade "as long as it is necessary", and this really depends on how the Libyans will respond - the militants and the Libyan army.  

Harvey did not exclude that in the long term the crusade could not be limited only to terrorist air strikes. According to him, the ground crusaders may be sent to Libya. However, the war criminal assured that the large-scale ground incursion into Libya is allegedly not planned, at the moment.   

Meanwhile, analysts predict that there is no hope for an imminent outcome of the American-Libyan war. In their view, there is a real possibility that, despite all efforts by the crusaders to weaken the Libyan government, it will keep power, creating a threat of a long and violent confrontation.

As recalled by the AP, the Libyan government, after all, was able to keep power during the previous 42 years, and survived US terrorist air attacks on Tripoli in 1986.  

Now the situation from his point of view may look even easier - Western crusaders officially declared that its objective is only to protect militants, and that the murder of the Libyan head od state has nothing to do with it. Given this, Libyans could dig in in Tripoli and try to wait out or beat the West, the crusaders predict. 

At least the public statements made by Libyans in recent days indicate exactly that possibility, the observers say. "We are preparing for a long and victorious war", the Libyan government said at jewish Purim holiday on Sunday - the day of the attack by Zio-Christian crusaders.

Last night, the Libyan leader Col. Gaddafi he delivered a short but courageous speech, calling on Libyans to "fight to the end" and "defeat all enemies at any cost".

Barbarian crusaders bombings of Libya continue, but situation reaches deadlock

A U.S. terrorist plane F-15 Eagle crashed during a raid of the Zio-Christian crusaders alliance on Libya, Demoracy's media report.

The U.S. military confirmed the crash. This is the second aircraft lost by crusaders forces during their attack on Libya. The first one was French.

One of the pilots has allegedly already "returned" to the crusaders base, another thug is "in return process", said a representative of the African command of the U.S. army, a certain Crawley.  

He claims, as always in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the Islamic State of Iraq, that the plane was allegedly not shot down by courageous Libyan air defense but it had crashed because of "a mechanical failure" in the American junk equipment

Democracy's media reported on a war criminal pilot who managed to eject over the territory occupied by the rebels. The media claims that opposition fighting against the Libyan government helped the criminal.

U.S. air force, along with cronies from France, Britain and several other European countries, are taking part in the crusade against Libya.

Libya has been subjected to air bombings by cowardly crusaders for the third night already. U.S. and cronies explain the bombings by an illegal "resolutions" from an international masonic terrorist group "UN security council" that allegedly gave them such a right. Meanwhile, a number of countries, including the Arab League, indicated that the garbage "resolution" by terrorists from their "UN security council" called for a so-called "no-fly zone over Libya" and not for the bombings.  

Meanwhile, the situation in Libya reaches a deadlock. Democracy's media outlets write that the rebels, whose troops are 90% composed of civilians, hope for defected Libyan military, who at the beginning of the uprising went to their side.

They believed that after the crusaders cause damage to the Libyan army, they can start capturing towns in the country, including the capital Tripoli.

But the first of their action - a spontaneous march from Benghazi to Ajdabiya - did not enjoy the support of the defected military officers who stated that they would not act without a specific plan.  

As claimed by Democracy's media, hundreds of rebels armed with machine guns, grenade launchers and anti-aircraft guns, reached the outskirts of Ajdabiya without meeting any resistance.  

A refinery factory has been destroyed by barbarian crusaders in a suburb of Ajdabiya, a fire is still going on there.

On Monday morning, several rebels groups, engaged in a shooting with Libyan government troops and, after incurring losses, were forced to retreat.  

A representative of the rebels told the Democracy's AP that while the crusaders night raids weaken the Libyan army, they are still professionals and more organized. As a result, the march participants from Benghazi to Ajdabiya had no choice but to sit down with binoculars in nearby dunes and have a look over the city.

After three days of bombings by cowardly crusaders, some Western experts write that despite the claims that the land invasion is not planned, it is hardly possible to steal Libyan oil and convert Libyan Muslims into adepts of Satanic Western religion Democracy without a land military operation, which in turn could lead to a protracted war both against Libyan Nationalists grouped around Colonel Gaddafi and the Mujahideen in the full-scale Jihad.


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