U.S. And Allies Threaten To Bomb Libya As Long As Necessary

22 March 2011

By Markaz Kavkaz

According to the AP from Libya, during the night strikes on March 19 by US-NATO aircraft against civilian targets, followed the UN Security Council resolution, 48 were killed and 150 people of Libya were injured, mostly women and children. The number of dead continues to grow as the extraction of bodies from the rubble of buildings goes.

Missile and bombing strikes destroyed civilian targets, in particular, Bir al-Usta Milad Hospital, on the outskirts of Tripoli. Obama has not commented on the killings and destructions.

On Morning, March 20, aircraft of U.S. and allies again bombed various civilian infrastructures in Tripoli, creating a humanitarian catastrophe in Libya. Exact numbers of dead people of Libya have not yet disclosed. It is reported that the Americans bombed schools and hospitals.  

Libyan news agencies report about attacks on civilian targets in major cities, including Tripoli, Benghazi and Zuwarah and storage facilities in Misrata, resulting in fires broke out there.

According to Libyan television channel Al-Jamahiriya more than 110 cruise missiles were fired on the night of March 19 alone on various military installations, as well as the objects of education, health and transport.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi's regime declared invalid the "UN Security Council resolution" imposing no-fly zone over Libya.

It is reported that on March 20 in the morning, India abandoned its position on Libya (India abstained from voting for anti-Libyan UN Security Council resolution), stating that the U.S. had deceived it by presenting false information about the situation in Libya.  

India retrospectively stated that the resolution "could end in greater difficulties for those it is supposed to help if misused for aggressive actions", Xinhua reports.

The Indian press began covering the attack on Libya not from American, but from a neutral point of view, but so far only in titles: "The war against Libya has begun; US, UK launch cruise missiles".

Other Indian news agencies indicate that at a meeting of the commission of the African Union on Libya in the Mauritanian capital Nuakshott, its members demanded an immediate end to western military action against Libya. The Western media outlets virtually ignored this message.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister expressed regret at the start of military operation Odyssey Dawn against Libya.  

Russia has condemned the Western military intervention in Libya. Russia's ambassador to Libya, Vladimir Chamov, dismissed. Chamov was incompetent and "not adequately represented the interests of Russia in the Libyan conflict", according to news sources.

Both China and Russia who have a veto right in the UN Security Council could prevent the adoption of UN resolution on Libya, but have not done so, BBC is spiteful.

"Foreign military intervention in Libya aims to capture oil of this Arab country", said in his turn, President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.  

He noted that "they want to gain control over the deposits of "black gold" in Libya", BBC reports. The Venezuelan leader said that coalition forces do not care about the lives of Libyans.

"These are the men of war ... what irresponsibility. I was told about the beginning of military action against Libya. New death, new war ... it is irresponsibility. We demand the real cease-fire so that North Africa back on the path of peace" he added.

American opposition media outlets indicate that there is no difference between attacking by the Washington administration on Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan.  

Meanwhile, the U.S. broadcaster CBS said that "three American stealth-bomber B-2 dropped 40 bombs on a major Libyan air base".  

New aircrafts from Canada, Denmark and Spain arrive on the Mediterranean air base to take part in new strikes on Libya.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said that the raids against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi will continue as long as he stops attacks on civilians and withdraw his troops from the territories formerly controlled by the opposition, and allow Libyans to express their aspirations to democracy.

Western propaganda sources reported that on the eve of the start of military operations against the Libyan, the regime of Gaddafi brought the civilian population close to the strategic targets such as military bases and transport hubs.  

Hundreds of people gathered on Saturday evening around the fortified complex of Bab al-Aziz on the outskirts of Tripoli, where the command post of Gaddafi located.

The start of operation Odyssey Dawn was like the all key military operations involving the United States since 1991, reports Bloomberg.

Tomahawk cruise missiles to pave the way for the aviation were used in the beginning. 110 missiles were fire at 20 targets in Libya in the first phase. At the start of the Gulf War 288 missiles were fired, the report says.  

The main goal of the allies were missile system SA-5, possessed by Gaddafi, capable of striking targets at a distance of 300 km and having a "significant opportunities to put resistance", the Pentagon said in a statement.

Libya also has about 50 missiles such as SA-6, by which the Serbs shot down an American F-16 in 1995.

Meanwhile, anti-war rallies to mark the eighth anniversary of the war in Iraq took place in several major U.S. cities.  Over 100 activists who gathered at the White House were detained in the capital, Associated Press reported on Sunday.  

"No war! Stop the war! Expose the lie!", the agency quoted some slogans chanted by hundreds gathered to mark the eighth anniversary of the U.S. military involvement in hostilities in Iraq.

A part of people came close to the gates of the White House, the police ordered them to clear the road, but the demonstrators said they "will not move". After that, police arrested 113 demonstrators that have not complied with requirements of authorities. The activists will have to pay a fine, said a police spokesman in Washington.

Several more demonstrations took place in San Francisco, Chicago and other cities. Anti-war demonstration of about 80 people gathered in New York on the central Times Square. The protesters also demanded the U.S. government to stop military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to police, the event passed without incident.  

The military aggression of U.S. and its allies against Iraq began in March 2003. The formal pretext for the invasion have served the statement of the American leadership on the presence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that not received confirmation so far.

Military personnel from a number of countries belonging to the American-led military occupation force are currently taking part in operations in Iraq, in addition to the Americans.

During the war in Iraq, according to independent sources, about 1 million Iraqis have been killed. Several million have become refugees. The country is destroyed. Guerrilla war in Iraq continues



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