More And More Young People In Russia And Europe Embrace Islam

28 February 2011

By Markaz Kavkaz

An enemy expert from a so-called "North Caucasus Center for Islamic Studies", Ruslan Gereyev, expressed fears of a growing influence of true Islam in the world in an interview to a Russian KGB news agency Regnum. We present to our readers some of his gloomy thoughts, keeping intact his abusive language:

"Islam is advancing more rapidly in non-Muslim than in Muslim countries. Why is it so? No studies were conducted on the subject, the issue has not yet been studied thoroughly. Look at reports on terrorist attacks. Each day, there are more and more ethnic Russians, former Russian Christian Orthodox believers, among the attackers. An expression "Russian Jamaats" have already appeared in North Caucasus. I've recently prepared a publication on "Russian Jamaats" for a Belgian newspaper - they have the same problems as we. This is a worldwide trend. And in Benelux countries, these processes develop much faster and broader, and not only due to intra-European migration.

The processes of Islamization throughout the world intensify, the numbers of new Muslims increase, especially in Britain and in continental Europe. This is a fact, confirmed by Britons and Europeans. Ironically, Islam wins faster in Christian countries.

The ritual part of Wahhabi Islam, its simplicity, is the main factor in attracting young people, but most important, it is strict Monotheism, or Tawhid, preached by it, which attracts news adept.

It is very strange when only a few people are able to render armed resistance against regular police troops during almost the whole day. Please note that we are talking about young boys and girls who did not serve in the army, they are mostly university students and elder public schoolchildren. And most important, where are the results of fighting against them? They are not visible either now or for the future.

From the viewpoint of view of offensive Islam, or the supporters of the Wahhabi militant wing, the future of terrorist activities (Jihad - KC) belongs to the tactics of martyrdoms. You can see videos about dying Mujahid who shoots off and leaves a message to his wife, sister, brother and others, asking to raise children in the Sharia and demanding from his sister or daughter that she marries a true Muslim only.

Regarding the penalties - how can a person be punished who is constantly preparing for death, for martyrdom? In this sense, he knows no fear, and he or she even considers it as an honor when selected for such death.

On the other hand, most filthy and miserable human vices are coming in here from Russia. High mortality due to alcohol, drugs and domestic homicide exceeds all acceptable levels, morality is completely failing. If it continues like that, we need no terrorism, we will destroy ourselves.

No secular ideology can ever replace religion, it is simply impossible. And there is no comparable power to do that at all - neither in nature nor in the depths of human consciousness.

The radicals consider the globalization as an ally for their success. From their point of view, the globalization erases all other religions, and the time of these religions passes by irrevocably.



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