Scandinavian Countries Create Mini-NATO To Defend Against 'Bears And Russians'

25 January 2011

By Markaz Kavkaz

On January 19-20, a Northern European summit was being held in London where the leaders of 9 countries - the UK, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - will discuss strengthening their cooperation and creating a northern mini-NATO.  

According to a publication of the whist-blower resource Wikileaks, the ex-ambassador of the US to Norway considers the project of such an organization useful "to keep an eye on polar bears and Russians".  

According to official information, the goal of the talks is to strengthen economic and social ties between the participating nations. However, the British Prime Minister David Cameroon tells in conversations with his colleagues that there is project to create a new military alliance. It is planned that the final decision to launch a mini-NATO will be made at the level of foreign ministers of member-nations in April in Helsinki.  

There has been much talks about a Scandinavian union recently. The idea to create of a United Nordic Union belongs to the Swedish historian Gunnar Wetterberg.  

In his book published in 2009, he describes a new federation as something like Scandinavian Switzerland or United States of Scandinavia.  

Equal distribution of rights and responsibilities between all members, preservation of national identity by federal authorities on matters of state sovereignty, foreign, defense and in some measure economic policy have been proposed.   

The book has become an official document of the Nordic Council, a regional political forum for all five Nordic countries and their islands.  

The ex-head of the Ministry of Defense and Foreign Ministry, Thorvald Stoltenberg, went even further in the Nordic Pact in 2009. The project involves the creation of a miniature version of the NATO in Scandinavia and the Arctic, which will includes military and civilian (primarily rescue) rapid-response forces, joint amphibious forces, a border guard service, a cyber warfare center, a center for air, maritime and satellite intelligence and a coordinating center for all actions in the Arctic.  

The Baltic States expressed their desire to join the alliance in the near future. At the NATO summit in Lisbon, the Latvian Minister of Defense, Artis Pabriks, proposed to create a "Northern Six", which would include the Defense Ministers of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. According to him, the above mentioned countries need integration in the defense sector.  

Stoltenberg does not conceal his idea of a Scandinavian "mini-NATO" - as a response to Russian efforts in surveying and exploration of the Arctic Shelf in search of natural resources under the sea-floor. "We live in a world where ‘far away' does not exist any more. We must be able to meet our responsibilities...on the challenges of an increasingly ice-free Arctic", says Stoltenberg.  

The Russian dwarf Tsar Medvedev, proclaimed in May 2009 a new Russian "national security strategy until 2020" that caused a negative response in the West.  

A part of it concerned "strategic assessment of Russia's role in the world and threats that it may face" andstates that "future conflicts may arise near Russian borders over raw materials". And the resolution of these conflicts "does not exclude the use of military force".  

The West has come to a conclusion that Russia is preparing for a war.  

The Nordic Plan has already received support from all the major Scandinavian military-and-industrial complexes. According to a representative from Saab, the largest aviation manufacturer in Scandinavia, the Nordic arms market will become the fourth largest in the world if the Nordic Pact comes into existence.  

Prospects of the future alliance were discussed about in diplomatic cables which were published on the Wikileaks site. In one of the cables, a former US ambassador to Norway, Benson Whitney noted, that the "northern NATO" may be useful "to keep an eye on polar bears and Russians".


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