Sales Of Baseball Bats Sharply Risen In Moscow - The KGB Islamophobist Agents

01 January 2011

By Markaz Kavkaz

According to Russian media outlets, the KGB, after a meeting, decided to open its Red Square for the burning of the Koran on the "New Year's Eve", an "official representative of the Moscow city police", Biryukov, announced on Dec. 29.

"Earlier information about the fact that the main square of the country will be closed to the townspeople on the night of December 31 to January 1 does not correspond to reality. No sealing off of the Red Square and adjacent areas for the new year is planned", he told reporters.

Earlier, another Russian police criminal, "deputy chief of the Moscow city police" Kozlov, said that a traditional celebration of the "new year" by Muscovites and "capital guests" on the Red Square will be cancelled this year. It will be closed for citizens and non-citizens.

It is to be recalled that a few days ago, Russian nationalists announced that they will burn the Koran on the "New Year's Eve" following an example of an American pastor.

Commentators noted in this connection that, regardless of burning or non-burning of the Koran, the KGB officials were forced to cancel their plans to close the Red Square on the "new year" and to retreat due to mass discontent with them.

They have very few loyal cop elements left to disperse the protesters. Therefore, the KGB is simply using scaring tactics against the people.

"Law enforcement employees will be in the streets on the New Year's Eve with photo- and video cameras, and in case of disturbances, they will film all the offenders", chief cop Kozlov "scared" the public.

At the time when scared cops come out on "New Year's Eve" with cameras, the citizens will come with baseball bats, writes the Financial Times and explains:

"Sales of aluminum baseball bats have risen sharply - but sales of baseballs have not. Four bats are bought for every ball in Moscow. The city is not known for its love for the American pastime. It is clear that the bats are used for other purposes".

It is to be noted that "those who need to" will be masked. The KGB lifting of the ban has again demonstrated impotence of the bloody Russian secret police, who are now rushing about like cornered rats.

In the meantime, a poster, which depicts a man with a bat, has been posted on the net for the upcoming night fights on December 31-January 1. The poster is entitled "Are you going with us on a march on Moscow?".



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