70 percent Russians vote for independence of Caucasus Emirate

30 December 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

A voting for independence for a part of the territory of the Caucasus Emirate has begun on a mainstream Russian website "New Region" on December 21.

The voting results for now are as follows:


"What do you think about the idea "to exclude three Caucasian republics - Ingushetia, Dagestan and Chechnya - from Russia?"

- I fully support it, it is enough for Caucasus "to bleed out" and scary Russia: 70.22% (2075)

- It is an extreme measure, it is "too early" for it: 2.17% (64)

-"Independent Caucasus" will bring more global problems: 8.66% (256)

-I strongly oppose it. It is a beginning of the country's collapse: 16.24% (480)

-I consider Caucasians as brothers, we should stay together: 2.71% (80)

Start: 21/12/1910 10:20:30
Status: Open
Type: Select one
Votes: 2955
Last time voted: 21/12/1910 18:35:09

Meanwhile, according to a Russian Nationalist portal Right Wing News, a demonstration in support of the demands of the Russian National Democratic Alliance and other Democratic and Nationalist organizations of the country urging to exclude North Caucasus from Russia, will be held in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in front of the Russian terrorists den in Kiev named "the Russian embassy", on Xmas eve, December 24, at 4 pm.

The Ukrainian support group writes:

"On Dec. 24 at 4 pm, a picket will be held in front of the Russian embassy in Kiev to protest against the criminal policy of Russian authorities with respect to its own citizens. We will demand:

- to exclude the Caucasian republics from the Russian Federation and to return immigrants from the republics to their historic homeland.

We fully support the slogan of Russian Nationalists "North Caucasus: independence in exchange for deportation", because the ethnic conflict in Russia is caused by its imperial policy that betrays the interests of the Russian people for the sake of preserving the Empire.

North Caucasus wants freedom from Russia, and Russians want freedom from North Caucasians in their own homes. Russian authorities have to satisfy the desire of Russian Nationalists and Caucasian Separatists in full. Down with Kadyrov's parasitism and Russian imperialism! ".

The demonstrates are gathered at 3:30 pm at a square near the Russian embassy

Action at 16:00 pm at the embassy building - Povitroflotskyi Avenue 27



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