Bestial Moscow Police Beat Russian Children Demanding Independence For Caucasus

21 December 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

Demands of the National Democratic Alliance to exclude the Caucasus Emirate from Russia, formulated and substantiated in a program article by its ideologist Alexei Shiropayev, aroused great interest among citizens of the dying Russian Empire.

Imperial propaganda was unable to put forward arguments against the justified demand of the NDA to the withdraw Russian invaders troops from the territory of the Caucasus Emirate.

These demands are intended solely to protect the interests of ordinary Russians. On the question of a national democrat in the blog of an imperial, who criticized the position of the NDA, "Where is Shiropayev wrong?", the only objection that the imperial could present, was as follows:

- By letting the Caucasus leave, we will get an enemy state on our borders, with which we will still have to wage war, but then this state will legally invite for its defense anyone - from other Muslim states to NATO.

The NDA and the Caucasus will only laugh at such "argument".

- The Caucasus Emirate will never be a borderline "enemy state" in relation to Russia, because according to the program of National Democrats, there would be no Russia at all, but there will be a series of free and independent countries instead, over which the Caucasus Emirate has absolutely no reason to be hostile.

- The Caucasus Emirate will never "invite to its defense Muslim states, NATO", because:

- First, there will be nobody to hold defense from, and

- Second, NATO is waging war against Islam.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, the Kremlin regime has not allowed Russian youth to participate in the rally for the exclusion of the Caucasus from Russia.

On December 18, Russian National Democrats held a meeting near the KGB TV Center "Ostankino" demanding the exclusion of the Caucasus and reminding that Russia is for Russians and Caucasus is for Caucasians.

The protest action was held as a continuation of public spill of discontent by Muscovites over misbehavior of the KGB/police punishers and executioners, but turned into a "Children's Crusade".

Organizers of the rally called for exclusion of the Caucasus Emirate from Russia. The imperial media outlets do not say that the CE is already de facto excluded, and it remains only to formalize de jure the separation, which is a Russian problem.

National Democrats managed to mobilize with the calls for the separation not only adult Russians, but also Russian youth.

Putin's punisher cops attacked Russian school children who supported the secession of the Caucasus Emirate, when they moved with a march with slogans and burning fires in the direction of the KGB TV Center which ordinary Russians call the Lies Empire.

A part of school children marching with justified slogan "Russia for Russians and Caucasus for Caucasians", was captured and beaten by imperial chasteners.

Most of them are 15-17-year old school students, and are future active fighters for the total destruction of bloody KGBist Russia, the World Evil Empire.



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