Austria Claims Disabled Chechen With Both Arms Missing Wanted Blow Up Non-existent NATO Troops Railway Transports In Belgium

11 December 2010

By Markaz Kavakaz

According to the Austrian Democracy's media outlets, a 32-year-old Chechen without arms, Aslambek I., residing in Neunkirchen in the Austrian province of Lower Austria with his wife and two children, was arrested on a Belgian warrant at Vienna's airport Schwechat upon returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca on December 1 at about 16:45 local time.

The disabled Chechen was accompanied by two friends, as he does not have both arms.

The Austrian media outlets have presented a photo of Aslambek (Austria's minister Fekter is on the left, whom a Viennese newspaper criticizes that she had paid welfare allowances to the "terrorist").

According to Belgian media outlets and Reuters, another victim of World Democracy is called Aslambek L., and not Aslambek I., and he is allegedly belongs to a certain "Moroccan-Chechen terrorist group".

The arrest was conducted by Austrian secret police BVT (former Gestapo) on a warrant issued by a Belgian investigator Van Linthout, who started a hate campaign against Muslims who sympathize with the struggle of the Caucasian Mujahideen against the bloody Russian invaders.

Austrian police put the disabled Chechen in jail in the town of Wiener Neustadt. The armless Chechen could not find any job and lived on monthly welfare allowance of 1.450 euros for the whole family.

The first term of imprisonment lasts till December 15. Then, according to police, it will become clear when he will be extradited to Belgium.

The disabled's lawyer or his spouse is likely to advise him to resist by every legal mean to extradition to the hands of the terrorist Belgian persecutor Van Linthout. In Austria, at least, the police have no reason to subject him to tortures.

According to violent fantasies of the terrorist investigator Van Linthout (see photo), Aslambek I. is the "leader of a terrorist organization" Sharia4Belgium. Austrian secret police was told that the "Chechen planned to bomb a train full of NATO troops in Belgium".

These lies, published by a Vienna newspaper, Krone, have been refuted by Belgian television with reference to Belgian state railway authorities SNCB-Holding.

"No NATO troops have been transported on Belgian railways since 5 years already", said a representative of the SNCB-Holding.

Belgian TV also broadcast that "the Belgian federal prosecutors have not yet told what the Chechen wanted to blow up".

According to the TV, a total of 8 persons in Antwerp, 3 in Holland, 1 in Germany and now 1 in Austria have been arrested so far on warrant pack issued by the Belgian terrorist investigator Van Linthout.

According to an earlier report in a Belgian newspaper, Nieuwsblad, the Belgian terrorist investigator invented the following story: "They recruited militants to fight in Chechnya and Afghanistan".

The Austrian newspaper Krone reported meanwhile that Aslambek lost both arms when his house was attacked by Russian invaders in Chechnya ("Ein Extremisten-Chef ohne Arme, weggesprengt bei einem Granatenangriff auf sein Haus in Tschetschenien").

None (!) of World Democracy's media, except for the Krone, has politcorrectly reported about the fact that the Chechen has no arms.

He has been living in Austria since 2004, before his arrest. As reported by Austrian media, he stayed for some time in Sweden before coming to Austria.

His 28-year-old wife, Madina I., says: "Allah only knows when they let my husband go. They caught him at the airport immediately after his arrival to Vienna".

A watchful Austrian neighbor told the Krone: "He was aggressive because I often heard him praying".

Another Austrian newspaper, on the contrary, says that Aslambek was respected among residents of Neunkirchen (it is a big village):

"The haunters of PickNick ums Eck tavern all known him well:

"I live directly near the Chechen family. And I've never seen anything suspicious neither with him nor with his family. I have heard already that he was arrested. And I am very surprised", said Franz F., direct neighbor of the "terrorist". - "I have never experienced any fear", wrote a Vienna newspaper, ÷sterreich, in its Sunday issue.

Austria's Interior Ministry confirmed the arrest in the context of Belgium's Satanic War against Islam:

"This man reportedly provided means of logistical support, that is, he was supposed to help by buying such things as weapons, cell phone cards or documents, with a desire to create an Islamic state in the Caucasus. He has never posed any threat to Austria", a speaker for the Austrian Interior Ministry, Rudolf Gollia, said Saturday morning in a news program by the Austrian state TV channel ÷1.

An Austrian newspaper Die Presse writes:

"Asked "if there is danger from other fans of Umarov", Mr. Gollia said:

"We are aware of similar cases, however, they are kept in sight with "enhanced danger tracking", that is, with preventive and covert surveillance of individuals and groups who may pose a risk".

An Austrian terror specialist, Schmidinger, also does not believe that Austria is in danger:

"There is no reason for it". However he sees that the stereotypes were confirmed that Austria enjoys a good reputation with terrorists as a logistics base, "being a neutral country, which endures a lot. In the case of Chechens, there is an additional favorable factor that a fairly large group of Chechens lives here. With some skills, they can disguise so well that they would never attract attention of the authorities".

According to the Austrian press, when a wave of arrests of Muslims took place in Belgium on November 23, a report about one arrest in Austria flashed, which was immediately denied by the Austrian Interior Ministry. Police raided the unfortunate Austrian Chechen with a search warrant only on November 24.

The police, in the presence of his wife and children, stole, among other things, mobile phones, memory cards and a PC from his apartment. The wanted Chechen was not at home. He was on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

By rummaging in stolen items, the police established that the victim of World Democracy was supposed to return from Mecca on December 1. Therefore, they were waiting for him, like predators, at the airport.

His neighbor Franz F. tells about the search: "Three police cars arrived during the so-called "discrete operation". They blocked the exit from the gate of my house, which was really not kind from them".

Another Austrian Democracy's newspaper, Die Presse, said:

"According to an European arrest warrant issued by Belgian justice, he provided "means of material and logistical support" to extremists who want to create an Islamic state in the Caucasus. This is not the first time when Chechen extremists are arrested in Austria. Three years ago, the police investigated two Russian citizens who recruited two 16-year-old Chechen girls". The Democracy's newspaper did not specify what the girls were recruited for.

A Vienna newspaper Kurier indicates:

"Chechen opposition differs. A moderate "government in exile" is opposed by the faction around the Islamist leader Dokku Umarov. He wants to create the Caucasus Emirate in Chechnya and in neighboring republics, and is responsible for attacks against Russia and Western targets (the latter is something quite new in the anti-Islamic propaganda - KC). The arrested Chechen who is suspected in terrorism should be a supporter of Umarov".

According to Austrian police estimates, out 25.000 Chechen refugees in Austria, "a maximum of 2-3% (counting by Kadyrov's method - KC) are supporters of Emir Dokka Abu Usman.

A Dutch site specifies that after the massive wave of arrests of 26 moral supporters of the Caucasus Emirate in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany (2 of them were Chechens), the terrorist investigator Van Linthout issued 10 new Euro arrest warrants for other moral supporters of the CE.

These data is strongly disagreed with the allegations of Austrian secret police that Aslambek "I." or "L." has been arrested in Austria on a warrant's pack for November 23, but not on the new pack.

A Belgian French-speaking television reported that the Chechen "wanted to plan an attack" (voulait planifier un attentat en Belgique).

Indeed, the World Democracy's thoughtcrime called "a wish to plan" is really a big thing that Com. Stalin could only envy.

The Belgium TV also indicated that the Chechen was "a brain of the terrorist network uncovered in Antwerp".


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