International Terrorist Network The Kremlin Threatens With New Terrorist Attacks

20 November 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

U.S. newspaper Christian Science Monitor reported in its issue dated November 12, with reference to the Leningradskaya Pravda in the article, "Death to Spies!", that Russian terrorist network FSB/KGB, in addition to Litvinenko in 2006, killed at least 5 other defectors:

- Sergei Tretyakov, a former agent of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the SVR, ("accidentally" choked on a piece of meat in June 2010);

- Evgeny Toropov, a former SVR officer (was taking a bath and "accidentally" grabbed his hand over some electric tool ...);

- Arkady Shevchenko, a former UN Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs ("suddenly" died);

- Yuri Nosenko, a former deputy chief of the 7th Division of the Second Chief Directorate of the KGB (the death was violent, died in 2008 under "mysterious circumstances");

- Vasily Mitrokhin, a former KGB archivist (liquidated, "died of pneumonia" in 2004).

The newspaper pointed out that last Thursday, a senior Kremlin official (the name was not revealed) threatened, openly and with impunity, to kill every Russian who chose freedom and fled to the West.

According to Kommersant, in its issue dated for 11 November, this official said that a KGB killer has already been sent abroad to murder the Russian Hero who helped the FBI to uncover a Russian spy and terrorist gang in the U.S..

"We know who he is and where he is. He betrayed either for money, or he was simply caught on something. Don't doubt that a Mercader has already been sent after him (Ramon Mercader, an agent of the Soviet secret services who made a mortal wound to renegade Bolshevik Leon Trotsky with ice pick in Mexico in 1940 - Kommersant), a senior Kremlin administration official answered the question of the Kommersant and added:

- The fate of such a person is unenviable ... living every day in fear of retribution", the Kommersant publishes threats of Russian terrorists made by a ringleader of the Russian terrorist group The Kremlin, which is a severely punishable crime under the International Law.

This is pure and classic terrorism, according to the International Law, in contrast to US attacks on Islamic Mujahideen, who are freedom fighters, but not a single Western official accuses this Kremlin scum of terrorism, demands his extradition and sends US drones to obliterate the main den of Russian thieves and terrorists, namely the so-called Kremlin.

According to Christian Science Monitor, Russian criminals belonging to international terrorist network The Kremlin plan to murder at least two courageous fighters for Peace and Democracy, repented Russian KGB terrorists Gordievsky and Kalugin, who chose freedom and defected to the West to help Western law enforcement agencies to fight Russia-based international terrorist network The Kremlin.




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