Western Media Caught Kremlin Lying: Moscow Agents And Finns Truth About Russian Spies

11 November 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

"Direct Democracy" through the Internet, which the Russian authorities staked, is only a smokescreen, "the guise of free society without real political process or representation", Luke Allnutt, editor-in-chief of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's English website, says in his an article written for The Christian Science Monitor.

"In recent years, Medvedev has become infatuated with an idea that technology can be Russia's savior. When he's not video-blogging or promoting Russia's plans for its own Silicon Valley, he's hanging out with the folks at Twitter or boasting about his love for gadgets... His idea is that through social networking and blogging, public officials will have a direct line to their constituents and be better attuned to their needs", the article says.

However, in reality, according to Allnutt, a direct line of citizens to officials in the web - is a new "facilitator for an old dynamic - liberalization without democratization". Thus, the article implies that the discussion of the Russian Law on Police on the Internet has become nothing more than "a parody of a real political process".

The elections are still rigged. NGOs are harassed. And crusading journalists are killed. "But at least you can now blog about it or tweet the president", the author of article says ironically.

According to him, the Kremlin will not establish censorship on the Internet, and there'll be a continued freethinking for Russia, since the network communication serves as an useful pressure valve to let off steam, public discontent, but with no significant changes.

Rebecca MacKinnon, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, called such political system which has developed in Russia "a networked authoritarianism", where "an average person with Internet or mobile access has a much greater sense of freedom...in ways that weren't possible under classic authoritarianism. At the same time, in a networked authoritarian state there is no guarantee of individual rights and freedoms."

Moscow agents persecute Finns for writing truth about Russian spies

Meanwhile, According to information received from Helsinki, a pro-Moscow provider company Uusi Suomi (New Finland) closed, without warning, on 8 November (was it in honor of an anniversary of the Communist revolution in Russia?) a blog of a prominent Finnish human rights activist and journalist Paulo Saarinen, because he wrote truth about Putin's Satanic pope, a long-term Russian spy of the KGB/FSB, Juha Molari. Molari studied for 2 years in the Soviet Union and is married to a Russian woman of Jewish descent.

The extremist pope Juha is a member of a Zio Fascist terrorist group, "The Finnish Anti". Most members of this gang (Beckman and Tammi) are denied entry to Estonia for terrorist activities that they carry out under the instructions of the Russian gang FSB Russia.

Another prominent Finnish human rights defender, Mikael Storsjo, said on the Finnish Internet that his blog would be the next to be closed by Russian agents in Finland.

Pauli Saarinen writes:

"I contacted the editor of Uusi Suomi, Markku Huusko. He said: "People should not be pathological liars. Therefore, it is not our editorial policy", and then he hurried to another meeting.

Obviously, the vicar Juha Molari made a denunciation. Popes always speak truth, don't they. The editor believes the vicar.

I plan to continue to discuss the pope elsewhere, with another provider. It is impossible to burn truth on fire!

I think that Molari is linked to many crimes that are now being investigated by the police. I doubt about his mental health".

A Finnish user Tapio Neva writes: "It seems that Zionists and their friends, Anti-Fascists, have won this round.

- Molari has been recruited by a foreign state.

- Molala also entered into relationship with the intelligence of this state.

- Molari urges Russian troops to invade Finland.




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