Russian Soldiery Inherently Incapable For Making Military Coups

08 November 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

Russian bloggers mock at cowardly Russian officers who "out of fear of Jews" did not fulfill their promise to overthrow Putin's defense minister, a former furniture salesmen Serdyukov, hated by Russian military.

An eyewitness of the meeting by Russian paratroopers in Moscow on November 7, a Moscow resident Andrei Osin, writes in his blog:

"A long-awaited rally of paratroopers on the Poklonnaya Hill looked like a meeting of fellow soldiers who had been regularly beaten in the mountains of the Caucasus Emirate and Afghanistan. Everything was seasoned with a Soviet-style pathos. There were only 1,000 participants instead of the promised 10,000.

This army, mired in the war and looting of the civilian population in the Caucasus Emirate, has long lost its combat effectiveness and should be disbanded. It is foolish to see it as some kind of revolutionary force".

An even worse opinion of cowardly and greedy Russian officers than Muscovites, share the enslaved inhabitants of Russian-occupied countries. For example, Andrei Reshetnikov, a fighter for independence from Russia of his country, Permia, writes:

As expected, there was no "military coup". It all ended with a sad and scanty Soviet bunch.

"The objectives of the meeting were also fulfilled: a message with a demand for the dismissal of the defense minister was sent to Medvedev", an official report says.

I do not understand why do they demand something? What for are they needed, and why should anybody respect their opinion?

Why are we to pay taxes to finance military pensions for these freaks? Is it because these criminals annexed South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which we do not need?

Other fighters for independence from Russia explain:

- They are not just useless. They are soldiers of the occupation army. And they get paid from reparations collected from oppressed peoples.

Russian generals, officers and soldiers also enjoy deserved contempt from women. One of them writes:

"Traffic was restricted in Moscow on November 7 - were authorities afraid of paratroopers? And where have all the paratroopers gone?

Russian army is a herd of animals, Motherland and the KGB/FSB are the same for them.

They are being driven to a war with a whip, they are being beaten with a whip in a stall, poorly fed, humiliated, and finally, openly murdered - and we hear only a chorus of mooing in response. They have not their own intellect or will. They are constantly beaten and humiliated on purpose, in order to canalize their rage at a proper moment against those who were designated for it by their masters. Chain dogs are also not fed and beaten, so that they get more ferocious".



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