Russian Army Again Made A Worldwide Idiot Of Itself

06 November 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

According to Russian bloggers, a rally of Russian paratroopers, which according to previous assurances of the organizers, was intended to turn into a military uprising, took place Sunday midday in Moscow.

On Saturday, "the head of conspiracy", general Achalov, refused at the meeting to continue to put forward political demands - the removal from office of a ferocious enemy of Russian soldiers, a corrupt defense minister Serdyukov.

Today, at a rally, according to independent figures, Gen. Achalov brought only a maximum of 2,000 paratroopers instead of the promised 10,000. 2,000 paratroopers are not enough to storm the Kremlin.

Instead of the political demand on Serdyukov's dismissal, Gen. Achalov mentioned in his speech only economic requests for the government- an increase in military pensions and unspecified "decent conditions" for Russian officers.

"Here are pictures, click to see. There is not enough people gathered for a coup ...", spiteful critics among the Russian-speaking countrymen sneer at Russian soldiers.

The promised military uprising did not happen because the KGB (FSB) simply bribed Russian generals and intimidated these cowardly elements by murders of their colleagues.

Thus, the Russian Army again made a worldwide idiot of itself.

The generals did not even try to raise the promised rebellion and proved that a complete and ignominious failure they suffered from the KGB in Moscow on November 7 awaits them also in the war against the Caucasus Emirate.

The military is trying to make a victory out of their disgrace. One of them writes on the Internet:

"The event was certainly a success (for the FSB - KC). Of course, the anticipated number of 5, 000 to 10,000 participants was not reached. However, this is not important. Next time, there'll be more participants (there won't be next time in Moscow, rebellions should be carried out in provinces, as always happens in collapsing empires - KC).

The rally's goal was also achieved - to send an appeal to the president asking for the resignation of the defense minister (and what for does the post service exist in Russia? - KC)".

Meanwhile, Georgian media are again laughing at the Russian army.

"Was Shamanov's traffic accident (an assassination attempt against the head of Russian paratrooper Gen. Shamonov by the KGB on Oct. 30 - KC) "good" for Russian paratroopers?", the Georgia Online mocks.




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