The Root Cause Of Terrorism And The Christian Conspiracy In Indonesia

01 November 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

The issue of terrorism has always been a public concern in Indonesia. Diverse opinions are expressed, diverse solutions are proposed, but very rarely people see the root cause of the problem.  

President SBY, aided by his aides, tried to convince that the root cause of terrorism is poverty and ignorance. An analysis that is not so intelligent, keeping in mind that some of those alleged as terrorists are not ignorant or poor people.  

Dr. Azahari Husin (1957 2005) for example, was a doctor and lecturer in a renowned university. It's clear that he is not ignorant, and also not poor or unemployed without a job. On the world level, the accused leader of terrorists is Usamah bin Ladin, a university graduate and an entrepreneur in a leading Construction Company in the Middle East. The deputy of Usamah is Dr. Ayman Azh-Zhawahiri, a surgeon. So, very ignorant is he who thinks that Ayman is poor and ignorant.  

From the examples mentioned earlier, it's clear that the analysis above is less valid, if not without basis. It is also probable that the ones without basis is not SBY, but his aides and whisperers.  

On the other hand, the liberal and secular camp see that the cause is the teachings of Islamic religion. The verses and hadiths that encourage radical behaviors are accused and made as scapegoat. This is in line with the efforts of America to eliminate the points in the Islamic Shari'a concerning jihad fie sabilillah which are considered as the source of the ideology of terrorism. In the Middle East for example, they are circulating the Furqanul Haq. A version or edition of Al-Quran minus the verses of jihad.  

Whereas, it is not just Islam, other religions also have the concept of "jihad". Just look at Christianity, what had made them able to launch the Crusades for some centuries, if not their concept of Holy War?  

So the views of this liberal and secular camp is not fair. They want the world to be peaceful and safe from terrorism, but its key is by castrating the fighting spirits of the Islamic ummah against oppression and colonialism. Well, it's understood, their masters, the Western colonialist nations, are very afraid to face the jihad resistance of the Muslims.

In the past, the British created a deviated sect (cult) called Ahmadiyah in India, which it occupied at that time. The leader, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, forbade jihad against the British. He also brought credits to the British by regarding them as the great master who must be obeyed. What's even crazier, he claimed to be a prophet and declared kafir the Muslims who did not believe in his prophethood.  

It is very clear that the British wanted to weaken the jihad spirit of Islam so that they could freely colonize India. To control and deplete its natural resources. A method of neutralizing the enemies so as not to continue the fight.  

Whereas, fighting against oppression, war and military is a humane thing. Human beings certainly want to survive. Human beings certainly want to resist if they are oppressed and unjustly treated. Whatever their religion, whatever their race. Even the ants bite if the human harm their nests.  

The terrorism which is pointed at a group from the Islamic ummah who are conducting jihad is actually an attempt of resistance. The Islamic ummah have been occupied, oppressed and their wealth drained, for too long. There were already too much blood shed by the Western kafir colonialist nations.  

The "terrorists" are attacking the civilian targets because the British, America and other invaders have no feeling of inhibition in massacring the Muslim civilians. The "terrorists" are blowing up bombs because the occupied countries of the Muslims are flattened with missiles and rockets. The "terrorists" are robbing their enemies because the natural wealth of their countries are being drained by the invaders with the help of the local puppets who are faithful to their masters.  

The root of the problem of terrorism, if you want to be honest, actually is the attempts to demand justice. The serial Christmas bombings and the Bali bombing were triggered by the Christian attacks on the Muslims in Ambon. The Muslims were wronged but there was no adequate and fair protection by the security forces. At this point, a retaliation became the choice.  

In fact, if we draw back further, the emergence of the Dar ul-Islam (DI/TII) in 1949 was also a reaction of the Muslims against injustices. In the beginning, the Muslims and Christians already agreed in the formulation of the UUD (the Constitution) 1945. The Panitia Sembilan (the nine-member committee tasked to formulate the Indonesian state's foundation stated in the UUD 1945 ed) agreed on the Jakarta Charter which guaranteed the application of the Islamic Shari'a for the Muslims, with the formulation of "Spirituality with the obligation to apply the Islamic Shari'a for its adherents."  

Only a day after the country got independent, the agreement was already betrayed, a leader of the Christians from East Indonesia threatened to split from NKRI (Unitary/Unified Republic of Indonesia). Through a Japanese officer, that Christian leader pressured Soekarno and Hatta to remove the obligation to implement the Shari'a of Islam from the constitution. This is the first seeds of separatism in the history of Indonesia, threatening to secede from the republic because of envy of other ummah who want to apply their Shari'a.  

As a result, a cruelty on the law took place, the Islamic ummah are the majority but inhibited from carrying out their Shari'a. They were forced to submit to Christian and secular law inherited from the Dutch. Especially that the diplomacy of Soekarno at that time was very submissive to the Dutch, the Rennville negotiation made West Java vacated. It was as if the territory and its inhabitants who were Muslim were being surrendered to the Dutch. 

This is what triggered the establishment of Dar ul-Islam, the injustices on legal issues and the dissatisfaction due to being surrendered to the Dutch. This is also the root of all the Islamic resistance in Indonesia. In actual fact, they are demanding for just one thing, to be able to implement the Islam Shari'a for themselves.  

But the aspiration was always prevented. The actors were always the same too. The Jakarta Charter was sabotaged, thanks to the pressure from a Christian leader. The Renville was signed by PM Amir Syarifudin, a Christian. The KOMJI or Komando Jihad incident in 1977 (the arrest of the "fundamentalist" leader of Dar ul-Islam or also known as NII [Negara Islam Indonesia/The Indonesian Islamic State] movement and 23 other commanding figures. Some were sentenced to death or executed by the firing squad ed) and the bloody Tanjung Priok incident in 1984 (where hundreds of Islamic activists were massacred - ed) were masterminded by Benny Moerdani.  

Later, the conspiracy was getting more and more naked. The Muslims in Kalimantan were slaughtered by the Christian Dayaks, continuing to Ambon and Poso. The case in Poso in fact showed the presence of a cooperation between the Protestants and Catholics. The Catholic Fabianus Tibo and company led the initial attack on Muslims. Later they were helped by the Protestant groups. 

After that, the Muslims reacted and fought. They succeeded in retaliating and stopping the cruelties of the Christians. But those who fought were then given the label terrorists and were swept mercilessly by the Densus 88. The special unit funded by America and Australia.

The unit is obviously projected to fight against the Muslims. They are praised for arresting, torturing and killing the Muslims. But when they are arresting the RMS (South Maluku Republic) Christian separatist movement, Australia threatened to investigate the case which they considered as "violating the Human Rights".

Today, the Densus 88 is headed by Gorries Mere. Officially, the commander is Tito Karnavian. But the incident of the unruliness of the Densus toward the Provost AU (Military Police of the Air Forces) in Polonia airport had proven other things. Gorries directly leads the operations on the ground, though he actually served in the BNN (national narcotics agency).

All of the above series of events proves one thing: all the cruelties that befall the Islamic ummah in Indonesia and all over the world is a conspiracy of the Christian Western colonialists along with their local puppets. While all the acts of resistance which are branded as terrorism, is a reaction against those cruelties. This is the real root cause of terrorism. --




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