No 'Database' Of Vagabov Exists. FSB Is Lying - About Caucasus Emir Seyfullah

01 September 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

After the Russian occupiers widely advertised that "a database" of the martyred Emir of Dagestan Seyfullah had been allegedly seized, the FSB declared that it due to this "database" that 9 Mujahideen and 3 successors of Emir Seyfullah had been killed.

Russian invaders now publish in their media information that this "database" is being thoroughly studied and that "caches of arms, Mujahideen bases, plans for sabotage operations, communications with foreign countries", etc have already been uncovered.

In fact, all these statements are an invention by Russian secret services. No "database" of Vagabov exists.

That was testified to Kavkaz Center by one of the assistants of Emir Seyfullah.

According to him, Russians seized a personal notebook computer of a young Mujahid Salahuddin Zakaryayev from which he sent video files to various media outlets of the Caucasus Emirate, as well as his email correspondence with some Caucasian media outlets, which is of no serious significance.

Some personal belongings of Emir Seyfullah, which had fallen into the hands of Russian invaders, are not a "database".

Russians regularly publish a story in their media about "the last phone call received on one of the cell phone numbers of Vagabov from abroad". Menacing reports narrate that Russians "detected the country from which the call came, but no others details are to be revealed to avoid a diplomatic scandal".

The Russians are confusing the issue, creating an impression that finding out of a country requires a difficult intelligence work.

It is well known that the Mujahideen often use telephones, make and receive calls for many years, and these calls are eavesdropped by Russian invaders. This is all well known both by Mujahideen and the invaders. If diplomatic scandals arise because of phone calls, then Russia would have scandals with half of the world.

Obviously, the Russian invaders are trying this way to force the Mujahideen to show some activity and cause the Mujahideen units operating in different regions of Dagestan to change their financing structures, interaction, movements and locations.

The Russian occupation command expects that a mass movement in the mountains would not remain unnoticed and will help the invaders in a real detection of Mujahideen bases, ties, movements, etc.

In addition, allegations about a "database" of Vagabov through which 12 Mujahideen were reportedly killed may indicate that the invaders attempt in this way to conceal their agents, who informed the Russian police about the routes of at least two task forces of Mujahideen, who recently came into Russian ambushes in Dagestan.





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