Russian Newspaper Lies: Quotes from Kommersant

15 August 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

The Russian newspaper Kommersant, which for many years has been promoting with pleasure the democratic gutter in London, published another nonsense.  

In comments to the latest developments in the Caucasus devoted the famous statement by the Caucasus Emirate Emir Dokku Abu Usman, who disavowed information about his resignation circulated in the media, Kommersant spoke about "quarrel and disagreement" in Dokku Umarov's inner circle.  

A quote from Kommersant -  

"Dokku Umarov temporary dismissed the chief ideologist of the militants Movladi Udugov. It became known that he allowed to place on the web the video, where Umarov steps down from the post of the Emir of the Caucasus Emirate....  

... Later, it turned out that this video was made for internal use, i.e. it was addressed to the "commanders or emirs of Dagestan, Ingushetia and Kabarda. Umarov wanted a preliminary discussion of his retirement with them, and only then to declare or not to declare his retirement publicly. However, Udugov, for some reason, hurried up and allow its publication in the web ahead of time...  

...Movladi Udugov is a director of the Information and Analytical Department of the Caucasus Emirate, and is responsible, in particular, for the operation of the kavkazcenter website, where Umarov's video message appeared.  

It is worth to note that this is not the first big goof of Udugov. For example, in 2004 he was dismissed from the post of the head of the Information Committee in the government of Aslan Maskhadov for the publication of fraudulent decrees on the appointment of foreign representatives of the President of Ichkeria.  

At that time, it was explained as disagreements between Udugov and so-called moderate leaders of Ichkeria, in particular, Akhmed Zakayev, a vice-premier in the government of Maskhadov. Udugov returned to his previous post only after the elimination of Aslan Maskhadov.  

Experts also attributed the current incident with disagreements within the terrorist underground. According to Aleksei Malashenko, an expert at the Carnegie Center, who specializes in studying the problems of the Caucasus, the publication of the Umarov's video message is a well-planned show directed to compromise the "Emiratians" and, in particular, Udugov".  

End quote.  

Thus, according to Kommersant and its "experts", all the fuss, as it turns out, was planned only to compromise Udugov.  

Kommersant is blatantly lying.  

First, Aslan Maskhadov did not fire Udugov neither out of bad mood, nor specifically for the fabrication of fake decrees.  

In fact, Aslan Maskhadov dismissed the editor of Zakayev's "chechenpress" after Akhmed Zakayev forged a Maskhadov's decree on his appointment to the post of the prime minister of Ichkeria.  

Regarding the author of forgeries, and that was Zakayev, Maskhadov issued him a public reprimand.  

This is a very famous story, about which the Kommersant is well-informed.  

Then why is Kommersant lying?  

Second, Aslan Maskhadov appointed Udugov responsible for the information work abroad in summer 2002, and no statements, decrees and orders by Maskhadov on his dismissal exist. It is also very well known. If it is not so, then let Kommersant publish an appropriate document.  

Then why is Kommersant lying?  

Third, Movladi Udugov throughout his activity proved to be a very disciplined statesman and always obeyed lawful heads of the state, being in public office. Therefore a lie about a quarrel between the Head of State Dokku Umarov and his subordinate Movladi Udugov is absurd.  

Then why is Kommersant lying?  

Fourth, Dokku Umarov did not dismiss Udugov. There is an order of an authorized representative abroad, which implies that an official investigation will be conducted on the specific fact of the publication of the document, on the results of which a decision will be taken. And this is not the same, as Kommersant claims. There'll be a decision, and there'll be an execution. Everything else is a rubbish dump.  

Then why is Kommersant lying?  

It is to be noted in conclusion that the Kavkaz Center is a voice of fighting Muslims, telling the truth about Jihad in the Caucasus, unequivocally supporting the justified struggle of Muslims of the Caucasus for the right to have their own state and their own way of life. The KC denounces intrigues of the opponents of the integration of Caucasian Muslims into one single state, and its work does not depend on the status and position of individuals.





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