Russian Invaders Force People To Work For The Occupiers Under Tortures. Unbroken Moslems Are Killed

17 July 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

Russian invaders and their local stooges in Ghalghaycho (AKA Ingushetia) province do not cease trying to establish a so-called "operative and intelligence network". However, despite the enormous Russian pressure, lies, propaganda, threats, murders and blackmail, by the grace of Allah there are not so many traitors among the Ingushs, who decided to save their lives by snitching, or improve their material condition.

Russian invaders often complain in their reports to the Kremlin about the lack of an effective intelligence network, the GurabaWordPress publication writes.

That is why Russians and their henchmen, wanting to improve the situation, resort to a variety of violent methods in order to organize an operative intelligence network among the "natives", since snitches are their eyes and ears, and all the successes of Russian invaders in the occupied provinces of Caucasus Emirate are built on treacheries.

As the GW Web site previously noted, the Caucasian youth in all the occupied provinces of the Caucasus Emirate goes through these millstones.

Despite the fact that human rights defenders, journalists and other people are trumpeting about atrocities committed by Russian invaders and their subordinates stooges, wishing to organize an extensive network of snitches, killing the intractable, the repressive machine of invaders is continuing to operate.

So the day before, one of the Ingush human rights defenders, Mohammed Mutsolgov, issued another statement about a young man, whom the Russian invaders and their minions want to denounce his compatriots, friends and relatives, threatening him that otherwise he'll "go missing".

Anzor Mamilov reports:

"On July 8, 2010, about 11 o'clock, I and my father drove a taxi near a traffic police post in the center of Kamaz district, where we were detained by the members of interior ministry of Ingushetia. I and my father were returning from Rostov-on-Don, where I study in a university. Immediately after the arrest, we, without any explanation, were taken to the building of the ministry of internal affairs of Ingushetia in Nazran city.

We were placed in different rooms, then the police started questioning, inquiring about religion and terrorist attacks. During the interrogation, they forced me to write something that had never actually happened. If I said something that contradicted to their claims, they started beating me up until I agreed to sign all that they required. During the beating, they made me drink a bottle of beer, after which I ceased to understand what was happening around me.

Being forced to sign about 3 papers, the policemen brought a video camera and forced me to denounce my friends Malsagov, Martazanov, two brothers Tsokiyev and Kuzikov. I gave the names all of these guys at the request of police officers, they themselves gave me the surnames of these five guys, whom I accused on the request of police officers in preparation of terrorist attacks. On camera, I repeated the same stories that they forced me to give against these people in writing.

Before releasing, policemen gave me a paper with a statement that I agree to cooperate with them and the FSB, I signed the paper only in order that they cease to beat and mock at me. These officers blackmailed me that if I tell someone about what had happened to me, they will show this paper to militants and militants would eliminate me for this, but if not, then I will, surely, go missing".

The methods of such recruitment were openly revealed for the first time in his sensational statement by a brave brother of Ruslan Aushev, Mohammed, who was killed in 2007. Thanks to him, it became known that all the people who signed these papers, but remained faithful to Allah, and refused, despite the blackmail, to work for Iblis and his army, were killed.

During the recruitment, Russian invaders named Magomed Aushev the names of some of them - Husen Mutaliyev, Islam Oligov, Husen Mutsolgov and others. All of these people, according to members of the "death squads" of the FSB, who kidnapped Magomed Aushev, signed the papers for "cooperation", and were subsequently killed because of their unwillingness to work for the invaders.

They did not betray Allah, and on the contrary, they worked for the contentment of Allah with all available means and became martyrs, Insha'Allah.

In addition, there is a valid information that weak operative and intelligence network of snitches among the Ingush people ( Russian invaders explain this fact in their analytical notes as the reason of the successes of Mujahideen in Ingushetia), forced the Russian invaders to arrest for minor crimes Ingush male and female students studying in Russia and to blackmail them. Most often, they intimidate them with "a suspicion" in involvement in a terrorist act.

Particular concern is the city of Rostov-on-Don, where Russian secret services are acting most blatantly and openly. It is particularly hard to hear how Russian secret services blackmail student girls.

For example, in Rostov-on-Don, older men from the FSB, playing on mentality and intimidating young girls, force them to sign papers for "cooperation" with the FSB, expressing at the same time a variety of menaces - from expulsions from the University, revealing some shame acts, which Russian invaders often simply invent, to tortures, depending on the situation.

Following their threats to Mamilov, the Russian gang, speaking through its valuable puppet in Ingushetia, Yevkurov, accused a young man in preparation and organizing "suicide bombers" in Ingushetia.

Immediately after the published statement of Anzor Mamilov, chief stooge Yovsar Bek Yevkurov, quickly gathered relatives of wanted young people in a large administration hall and gave another show.

In particular, Yevkurov said that Mamilov was sent to Rostov-on-Don with a mission, and organized from there sending of "suicide bombers".

"One of them, a Gipsy young guy, prepared and sent to Ingushetia as a bomber, was detained by law enforcement agencies of Russia", he said.

Next Yevkurov said:

"I do not want to listen to you, I'll just give the available facts. You have children, so sort things out with your children. Maybe, someone is persecuted illegally, we'll look after that later. No need to tell us that your children are not guilty. Operative information, facts, for examples, photographs, scripts of telephone calls - speak about something else". But the main puppet of Russia did not wish to disclose these alleged facts.

During the meeting Yevkurov suddenly added that when he was told about some young man, "I first question I asked is: what mosque he goes to?".

As reported by the brothers, the chief puppet Yevkurov, abandoned by his father, rightly nicknamed Yovsar-Bek (that means in Ingush a jackal, rootless pooch) by the people, continues to play the hypocrite like the worst villain. On the one hand he says the right words, but on the other - in his usual manner makes meanness behind the back.

Yevkurov, when visited by relatives of boys and girls, whom Russian terrorist organization "checked", made cripples or forced to sign papers for "cooperation", loudly sympathized with them, told how he was going through and take their cases under his personal control, and once they left him, gives order to kill those whose relatives came to ask him to save.

Some people, whom Yevkurov wanted to eliminate, managed to escape.

It is also known that he was directly or indirectly involved in many killings of those people who dared to speak openly how the Kremlin tried to recruit them for denouncing on other residents of Ingushetia, and who had sought refuge from the pressure of the FSB.

This meeting, chaired by Yevkurov on July 9, after the publication of Mamilov's statement, is a vivid confirmation, GurabaWordPress writes.





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