French Police Accused Four Chechen Refugees Of 'Terrorism' On A Tip By Russian Terrorist Gang Of FSB

15 July 2010

By Markaz Kavkav

According to the French newspaper Ma Ville, an "anti-terrorist squad" of the French secret police DCRI (The Direction Centrale du Renseignement Interieur / Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence), consisting of more than a dozen vehicles and about 30 policemen, half of which appeared like characters from a "Ninja" cartoon, on July 5 at 6 am broke into apartments of Chechen refugees in 3 areas of the city: two in Sablons, one in Glonnieres and one in the center of Le Mans.  

They knocked out three doors in the apartments, and one was opened for them. "Anti-terrorists" captured and took away three Chechen men and two Chechen women.  

5 refugees were taken to the headquarters of the DCRI in Levallois-Perret (Province of Hauts-de-Seine). The women were held all day long. They were released in the evening (after exhausting interrogations). Three men aged 21-36 years remained in custody.  

The raid has been provoked by "circumstances occurred in the vicinity of Moscow 7 months ago", the paper said. One Chechen was detained by Russian terrorist gang of FSB for alleged possession of firearms and explosives.  

According to Russian terrorists from the FSB gang, a residence permit issued by the prefecture Sarthe, a district in Le Mans and "instructions for making bombs" have been found in the apartment of the victim.  

The Russian terrorist gang of the FSB, suspected in murdering of the Polish President Kaczynski and 95 other Poles in the Second Katyn Massacre, handed dubious "information" to the French authorities. An "investigation" started.  

15 days prior to the raids of "anti-terrorists", the police have put Chechens under constant surveillance, using gray vans, or "submarines" in the police slang, that are standard for the Mayenne district.  

One Chechen, a local imam and a father of 5 children, who has been living in France for several years already, managed to avoid arrest.  

On 1 June, he discovered that in his absence his apartment has been secretly searched by the police and a hard drive of his computer has been stolen. He appealed to the police commissariat of Le Mans. He was told to come on Monday July 5. However, the imam was not at home when secret policemen raided his apartment early morning of July 5. Angry "anti-terrorists" from the DCRI returned to Paris.  

Since the police cannot hold detainees without charge for more than 96 hours, the 3 Chechens were presented before a court in Paris, saying that an investigation of their involvement in a "criminal association related to a terrorist organization" ("association de malfaiteurs en relation avec une entreprise terroriste") is under way.  

The court session took place in the evening of July 8 and decided to uphold the arrest of all 3 Chechns on a tip by the international terrorist organization of the FSB Russia.  

In the article dated July 10, the same paper published an interview with the Chechen imam. The paper writes:  

"The fourth Chechen, a 36-year-old imam, actively sought by the police since Monday, says that there is nothing to blame him, and that he became a victim of political machinations.  

Rectangular sunglasses, a cap on his shaved head, "necklace" beard, a white shirt, jeans. Alan is the man whom the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI), the French version of the FSB, is actively seeking since Monday.  

"I do not understand what is happening. There is nothing to blame me", says a man aged 36 years, who speaks Chechen, Russian, French and classical Arabic.  

He arrived in France 6 years ago, is the father of 5 children, he has been studying Islam for 20 years already. He is an imam. "I do not recognize what the Kadyrov's government is doing, but I'm not encouraging anyone go to war..."  

Maybe he is being persecuted for extremist sermons? "No, I'm going to the mosque as a simple believer. It is true that I am quite well known among the Chechens in France. I get many phone calls. They ask questions about whether it is possible in France to eat this or that. I also answer questions about marriage, fidelity.  

Is he collecting money? "Never". Why didn't he appeared before Le Mans police after his return on Thursday, knowing that he is wanted? "I phoned to Coeffort. I was told to come on Monday morning. I will go. My bag is ready".  

He is convinced that there is nothing to blame him for. However, he fears becoming a victim of machinations, fabricated by the pro-Russian regime of Kadyrov.  

"I'm afraid that I would face false evidence and fabricated "documents" that would to be hanged on me. They always act like that in Chechnya. It is incorrigible ... And I'm afraid that I'll be deported to Russia. And there you face death. It would be a terrible disappointment if I come into a French prison. But here, at least, - he said eager to remain optimistic - fingernails are not pulled out.





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