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More Evidence Indicate Moscow's Organization Of Massacre In Kyrgyzstan

18 June 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

The UN High Commissioner confirmed that the bloodshed in Kyrgyzstan had been planned in advance.

"The violence in Kyrgyzstan, apparently, was pre-planned and well orchestrated", said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.

The Indian Express reports that the office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay collected eyewitness accounts, including from the UN staff, in Osh and Jalal-Abad. Its spokesman Rupert Colville said:

"We have strong indications that this event was not a spontaneous inter-ethnic clash - that it was to some degree orchestrated, targeted and well-planned," Colville told reporters in Geneva.

"Several of these reports suggest that the incident began with five simultaneous attacks in Osh involving men wearing balaclavas and carrying guns", said Colville.

The Voice of America referring to Colville wrote that one attack in Osh was carried out on a gym frequented by a criminal gang.

"So, it looks like very much that there was an intent to stir up major instability, which is indeed what happened", the Focus Online cites Colville as saying.

Russian puppets in Kyrgyzstan also know that the massacre of Kyrgyz and Uzbeks has been organized by Russians in order to occupy the country.

A senior official of Russian puppet junta in Beshkek, Ulan Omorov, the former editor and owner of the website Gazeta.kg (2000-10.2005), director of State Patent Service and till the 03/05/2010 the director of Public Intellectual Property, while being in the United States, published on the Ukrainian website of the Baltic Delphi news agency an article entitled "Russia can turn Kyrgyzstan into a second Afghanistan", where he accused Russia in orchestration of massacre of Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in Osh and Jalalabad. Omorov in particular specifies:

"There is no doubt of the presence of an external factor in the escalation of the situation in Osh. This is evidenced by the fact of a detention of hired snipers from Tajikistan, who on the streets of our southern cities were conducting sight shootings on the citizens, both of Kyrgyz and Uzbek nationality, and a wide information sabotage with the use of absolutely incorrect terminology, which does not corresponding to reality in the interpretation of events.

Especially, the Russian-speaking media succeeded in this, and many Western media in the light of information vacuum, have to rely on the data provided by the Russian-speaking media, they translate and spread Russian false information.

There is a strong view among the expert community of Kyrgyzstan that the killings of civilians by hired professional gunmen was carried out with the participation of secret services of other states. The leaders of authoritarian and entirely presidential state neighbors are very concerned that a parliamentary democratic republic could appear in the region.

Despite the total domination of the Russian media in Kyrgyzstan (and this is due to the fact that is not somewhere in Slavic Belarus or Ukraine, but in Asian Kyrgyzstan that the Russian language has a status as one of the country's official languages), the experts have a rather clear picture of what far-reaching consequences of the negative character would face the deployment of Russian troops on the territory of our country.

External forces are hoping that soon their gallant generals could enter a sovereign Kyrgyzstan. However, no one would meet them with fanfares here. Moreover, despite Putin's media hard efforts, a huge proportion of the population of Kyrgyzstan will accept Russian troops as invaders. The Russian government instead of getting a desired status of a peacemaker would create a second Afghanistan in our country", Ulan Omorov concluded.




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