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U.S. Refuses Include Caucasus Emirate Into The 'List Of Terrorist Organizations'

19 May 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz 

An interesting news has been reported from the US.

According to the American edition National Review referring to the US State Department report, "the structure of the Caucasian State, the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus, will not be included on the annual replenished US government list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTO)".

It is to be mentioned that recently the Russian media outlets have widely been reporting a statement by a member of one of the many formal Commissions in the US Congress, who urged the US authorities "to include the Caucasus Emirate on the list of terrorist organizations".

The American edition meanwhile points -

"To be classified as an FTO, a group must

(1) be foreign,

(2) engage in terrorist activity,

(3) threaten the security of US nationals or the national security... of the United States, where national security includes defense, economic, and foreign-policy interests".

The third requirement is critical to a group's potential designation, since the first two conditions apply just about any group of thugs.

Next National Review writes -

"The Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus is essentially local, representing a response to regional tensions and long-simmering conflicts between Chechens (and other ethnicities in the Caucasus) and the Russian government.

The conflict in the region does date back hundreds of years, and includes such events as Imam Shamil's insurgency against the Russian empire in the 1830s and Stalin's deportation of Chechens in the 1940s.

Modern-day grievances, including those arising from the autocratic reign of pro-Moscow Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov (whom reports recently connected to the murder of a Chechen human-rights activist), also figure into this perception of the FTO". End quote.

It is to be mentioned that the list of US State Department is crucial for the countries of the world democracy. Those countries that do not adhere to this list, doing gag, such as Russia, where the totalitarian, anti-democratic regime of the KGB running and which included the Caucasus Emirate in its native, self-styled "list of terrorist organizations".





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